Florida Wild: Man Fires Gun At Teens To Get Them To Leave Community Pool

Florida Wild: Man Fires Gun At Teens To Get Them To Leave Community Pool

- By Bossip Staff


Source: boonchai wedmakawand / Getty

Are folks just shooting guns all willy nilly in Florida now? A 66-year old man is facing aggravated assault charges after firing his gun at two juveniles and an adult who wouldn’t leave the community pool.  Richard Marcelle approached the young people, saying that the pool was closed and they needed to leave, despite the fact that the pool was still open.

After realizing that the pool was open until 10pm, and it was 9pm when Marcelle approached them, the victims approached the man and told him that they were going to stay because the pool was still open. But Marcelle wasn’t having it. He blocked the victims as they tried to get back into the pool area and then fired a small revolver-style handgun at the soil.

Capt. Christopher Roos, with the Ormond Beach Police Department says there are no signs that the trio was doing anything illegal. He added,

“[Marcelle] is a member of the HOA and the HOA did actually change the pool hours. However, they hadn’t notified the homeowner’s association members yet or posted it. The video definitely shows him holding a handgun, and you can see where it looks like a round fires off into the ground and you can see the dust from the ground kicks up at the same time.”

Thanks to surveillance video at the club house, police identified Marcelle as a suspect in the case. Footage also showed that the victims were unarmed and posed no threat to the man. Marcelle has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and firing a gun.



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