Random Ridiculousness: Keyshia Cole and Neffe’s Sister is Getting her Own Reality Show

- By Bossip Staff

Keyshia and Neffe’s sister, Elite, is about to start making moves. Elite and her hair stylist, Dariel, are about to star in a new reality show. Apparently, Elite is a singer, working on an album and Dariel is a starving hair stylist building his clientele in the entertainment industry.

Who would watch this???

According to Neffe’s hairstylist Dariel, who will be co-starring in the reality show with Elite, the show will be a raw and real account of the grind that he and Elite will face as they hustle to become successful. Dariel says the show will pick up Elite’s search for her father, as well as, her recording an album. We didn’t even know this chick could sing. Elite was introduced during the second season of Keyshia’s reality show and got a lot of on-air time during Frankie and Neffe’s show. Guess they are giving reality shows to anything smokin. SMH sounds like a BET funded project in the making to us.

Keyshia provides them with no financial support, so the show will display the hustle and grind that Elite and Dariel go through in order to make it to the top.

Hey… Everybody has to have some kind of hustle.


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  • butta pecan chocolate deluxe


  • PradaMaMa


  • PradaMaMa

    Yesssss I mean DAM… I think the world has had enough of this family….I didn’t even no dat chick could sing….. B4 u no it all 20 of Neffe kids will have a show on BET….SMDH….

  • smh

    I got a Benz.
    You can get one too.

    GO TO WorldStarAuto.com

  • ...

    I don’t knw about this one…

  • notsomuch

    I just want him to get up in my hair. His always looks so soft and lovely.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    you, clearly, have issues with females. that man, in now way, looks better than any female on this earth. he’s scary and confusing!

  • Doc

    he got more make up on that face. air brush drag queen style.

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    LOL Can I get my reality show now?? Please. Anyone?

  • Pookie

    Am sick of this family and their attention seeking. I thought Elite was the sane one. Well cant really blame her for wanting a piece of the pie.

  • http://myspace.com/870bg Bg


  • Hot Chocolate

    Hell 2 the NO! That would be a waste of brain cells. Why can’t there be shows on how to improve your health or finances? Who cares about a no name chick and the drama in her life. Really people is this what the media is offering? While our kids are dumb in school. Trying to emulate these fools on tv. Its very embarrassing when young white kids know more than their black peers. I say turn off the boob tube and read more books. EDUCATION IS KEY! BET is a huge waste of time.

  • Betty

    the boondocks was right bout BET

  • Betty

    In a way its goood that they getting exposure since they both have goals.

  • asds

    not sure about her show, or her voice. but that dress… she is wearing that shit!

  • Yvonne

    I knew this was coming when I saw how much air play they were giving Elite on the Frankie and Neffe show.

  • trs

    God save us all….

  • MistaO

    I’m sick of black people not know who their fathers are.

    How utterly embarrassing, and most of yall think all this stuff is cute. Sad and embarrassing.

  • 3LuvMe*

    please no more!! 😦

  • Jazmine

    Now this shyt is just getting ridiculous! Like what’s up already? I guess I’m going to get an offer for my show next week sometime.

  • Bea Beatty


  • ShawnM

    *CORRECTION*…they’ve already fallen off :-/

  • pinky tuscadero

    Elite and Neffe look so much alike!!! They gotta have the same father.

  • Lean (Breaking the Monotony)

    That girl looks JUST LIKE NEFFE! OMG!

  • RoVA ChiCk

    “I got next then” if they can do it, anybody can do it…

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