Florida Dumbazzes: White Gang Tried To “Punish” Black Member With Alleged Sodomy And Misspelled Racist Tattoo, “F**k, Niger”

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Florida Gang Misspells N-Word Tattoo On Black Member

Florida is such a moronic state. Even when they are practicing hate, their lack of education jumps OUT.

According to FoxNews, a gang in the “Sunshine State” was looking to punish one of their Black members and thought it wise to tattoo him with the n-word.

Thing is, they used the wrong n-word and now a beautiful African country has been slandered.

Lucian Evans, Brandon Hayley, Brett Singleton and Mary Elizabeth Durham wanted to teach Michael Hart a lesson for violating their lil’ gang rules so they were going to make him cover his “CWB” tattoo. But when Hart tried to escape from the group he was knocked out and woke up with a tattoo that read: “F**k, Niger”.

The soup cookies didn’t even know how to spell the n-word correctly.

Upon waking up, Hart says his phone was gone and his butt hurt. He told police that it “felt like he had been sodomized”

These people just need to stick to plowing their cousins doggy-style and leave the tattoos and racism for white trash who have at least a GED.

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