Like Mother Like Daughter

- By Bossip Staff

Tichina Arnold and her daughter, Alijah Kai, were spotted doing some shopping in Hollyweird yesterday.  SMH @ Tichina’s hair being laid but not finishing her daughter’s hair.

More Pics of the Dynamic Duo Under the Hood.

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  • God's child

    They both look nice

  • dlou

    looks like she has afro puffs, therefore it IS done.

  • Nique

    I love Tichina, but SMH @ how her daughter came out.

  • Ty-Ty

    It’s not that bad.. cause we’ve seem worse (Mel B little girl, Brad Pitt little girl)I need to open a shop cause I could hook these little girls up!!

  • resurrected

    A see a lot of parent who put more time into them self then there children… Tichina has the money to make sure that her daughter hair gets done just like Angelins does for Zahara, they have not pride when it comes to there children only when it comes to themselves and there image… Not sure if this is the totally case but I see a lot of Diva out here who never put the same care into there children…


    lol i like the old headphones lil girl got. tichina is sooooo funny i love her.

  • >>> Misss.Afrika.babiie

    aww…how cute

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983

    WHEW!!! Lord they say if you don’t have something nice to say…

  • neek

    well they look nice..but ill be damn
    wat the child is wearin a no no
    two diffrent plaids?
    oh well i understand children will be children

  • MochaDreams

    C’mon Tichina! Is it pigtails or afro puffs??? I applaud her for not damaging the baby’s hair with chemicals and such, but she could take the baby to a shop to get her hair braided up, geesh!!!

  • Roderick

    Wow, just wow. How did she let her daughter outside looking like Nappy Spooks?

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    wtf is wrong with this child’s hair? What’s important is that this little one is getting a great education, has excellent benefits, and obviously is loved. Even when scandelousAngie doesn’t do Zahara’s hair, it’s not prob cuz it’s only hair. My only issue is,Zahara needs to be around Black folks, if she’s not already.

  • Hell NO!

    I do no mean to talk about any ones child; but what the hell is up with the dirty tights at the knee and the hair!! When my child was young I never looked better than her going out, we both looked tight. This little girl looks like she just was put out of a shelter!!

  • Laurie Farmer

    Beautiful mother and her gorgeous daughter.

    Gld Bless them both. Amen.

  • lawd da mercy

    Bee-dee-bee+ Jr =cuteness

  • Army wife !

    I love me some “Pam” with her thousand dollar lace wig and her lil girl, “bless her heart” !

  • juicyjessica101


  • 2cents

    Bee Da BE in the makin…o.k. God please don’t send me to hell. Pam you got to much money for this sh*t.

  • lbstb

    It nothing wrong with the little girls hair. That the problem with black folks always wanting to look like something there not. You guys wouldve had something negative is the little girl would’ve had a weave or a wig on. That little girl hair is probably stronger than adults hair. Black people here’s a hint…..If you want nice strong long hair LEAVE IT ALONE. Get off of the creamy crack lol wash and condition it every week for 6 months straight and just sit back and look at how long it will grow.


    shes adorable… and im feeln her hairstyle..

  • Atl_Finest

    Typical…….mother looks hot, child look a mess. I am so tired of seeing my sisters in over the top, so obvious it’s a weave hair styles.

  • COCO

    Some of you really need to stop all your own self hate. There is nothing wrong with this little girls hair. I have a 4 year old and I will do the Afro puffs once in a while too. I would rather her have her OWN natural hair than to have all this FAKE hair braided in. Our children learn from us to hate themselves by the way we insist they have a perm at the age of 3. Love your self and love your OWN NATURAL hair and if your child grows up and makes the choice on her own to put a weave or perm in her hair, then that is HER decision not yours. And please stop using the lie that the perm makes their hair more manageable, just take more time and buy a detangling spray. By the way I do have a perm but I am a GROWN women who made that choice on my own. Love who GOD made you Black people.

  • Isis

    WTF??? How she gonna be looking all fly, but got her baby lookin’ all dusty and ish? This don’t got nothin to do with race- YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK BETTER THAN YOUR CHILD!!!! Poor baby. She’s still cute, but she could use some “Just For Me”. I’m just sayin…

  • http://bossip B

    LOL…… YES the tights dirty at the knees are what’s wrong with the picture not the childs hair.

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