This Just In… Kimmy Cakes has Started Planning her Wedding

- By Bossip Staff

Sources close to Kim say she has started planning process her fantasy wedding to boyfriend Reggie Bush.  Kim apparently was inspired by Khloe and Lamar’s hasty love union.

Kim, who just reunited with Reggie in August, is ready to take their love to the next level.  A source tells us that Kim and Reggie’s love is stronger than ever.  The two are said to have started planning their own wedding after Kim asked Reggie about walking down the aisle in New Orleans after attending Khloe’s wedding.  Surprisingly, Reggie said “lets do it.”

The two are pushing for a 2010 wedding.  We hear Kim is out looking for engagement rings, the top wedding designers and caterers to help make the wedding even bigger than Khloe’s. We hear the cameras will be rolling for this event too… Another Kardashian season in the making. SMH

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  • Tink9900

    Reggie is a fool…

  • Testing

    I wish them the best.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    I lived in southern cali(mission viejo) for many years growing up and I noticed (in my friends circle)a trend with mother’s grooming their daughter’s to marry, if education or the work field fails, like a plan B. It’s like young prostitutes in-training.

  • >>> Misss.Afrika.babiie

    i see where this marriage is gonna head toward. but im pretty sure that kim and reggies relationship is much stronger than that of lamar and khloe who only dated each other for about a month and decided that they were gonna spend the rest of their lives together. hmm kimi cakesjust might be ready. its wierd though that she asked him the question and SHE is going out looking for the engagement ring. reggi never seems that interested..he seems like the “meh..watever”

  • sexy

    If Reggie wants to marry kim, then he must be in love with her. She’s beautiful and seems to have a god head on her shoulders. I bet if he was with a black woman people wouldn’t be criticizing them like that.

  • peacan

    Child please the way I see it ?? Copycat

  • sonia

    We hear marriage rumors about these two for more than a year. If he were ready he would have proposed to her!

  • Divine


    We hear marriage rumors about these two for more than a year. If he were ready he would have proposed to her!
    TRUE! LOL!
    And I doubt it too because there have been recent rumors that He has been telling his friends he’s not marrying her any time soon and she shouldn’t get that idea.

    So we shall see. He’s also a little slow so who knows. The Kardashians know how to pick ’em! LOL!!!

  • copycat

    Wow….it seems like brothas are okay with marriage….why 70% single women in Black community? Why, Lord, Why?

  • http://deleted xX__FxxKinG FanTastiC__Xx

    I Like That Bag Reggie Is Pulling, The Louis V. One.

    && Agreed With @ Sonia. Who Knows When These Two Are Getting MArried, Isnt That Why They Broke Up Last Time? Bcuz She Was Pressing Him About Marriage??

  • ok

    Whatever!!!!She makes me sick now..I liked her in the beginning but she so boring (from what I see on TV)…..

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    @ Kim, first off those boots are hott! But girl please don’t play yourself! All your gonna do is run his butt off and make him leave again! You can’t make a man commit!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    That’s if this story is even true!


    i like them together i hope they have a long and happy marriage

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983

    Well Good luck to them.

  • PrincessLateria

    Kim is following in her sisters footsteps. You never know she might really love him ^_^ ❤

  • Cutie

    That’s whats up…long as the ring “hangs to the side”

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Kim’s relationship with Reggie is much stronger than Khloe’s…just saying.

  • Pimpin Willie Dynamite (CEO Of K.D.B. INC. (Doing The Ray Lewis Dance In Slow-Mo Before Beatings)

    That style of boots will get a sista ate out all night long…smh!

  • DizzyGuy

    This is off subject but I love her purse, boots and coat and love reggies

  • Asia

    Shouldn’t he have bought an engagement ring? This chick is so desperate getting her own ring. SMH

  • Juanita

    Reggie, you dummy

  • ThatGirl

    Her shoes, n coat on point tho..
    Damn! Can a girl have a chance?! She’s moved on from that Ray J shit.. it’s OLD! She can’t change the past, it’s done. So GET OVER it.. Reggie sure did.

    F*#k Yall mane!!

  • lala

    He’s not even holding her hand in the pic. Look looks like she is, but he isn’t.

  • lawd da mercy

    I do like Kimmie style…

    Ole Reg ain’t too bad either.

    Do you yall!

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