Andre Agassi Admits to Using Meth!

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Andre Agassi is pumping his new book where he is admitting he did lines of Meth with his assistant “Slim”:

Andre Agassi’s upcoming autobiography contains an admission that he used crystal meth in 1997 and lied to tennis authorities when he failed a drug test — a result that was thrown out after he said he “unwittingly” took the substance. According to an excerpt of the autobiography published Wednesday in The Times of London, the eight-time Grand Slam champion writes that he sent a letter to the ATP tour to explain the positive test, saying he accidentally drank from a soda spiked with meth by his assistant “Slim.”

“Then I come to the central lie of the letter,” Agassi writes. “I say that recently I drank accidentally from one of Slim’s spiked sodas, unwittingly ingesting his drugs. I ask for understanding and leniency and hastily sign it: Sincerely. “I feel ashamed, of course. I promise myself that this lie is the end of it.” Agassi said the ATP reviewed the case, accepted his explanation and threw it out. The tour responded with a statement on Wednesday, noting an independent panel makes the final decision on a doping violation. “The ATP has always followed this rule, and no executive at the ATP has therefore had the authority or ability to decide the outcome of an anti-doping matter,” the statement said. The International Tennis Federation’s Emily Bevan referred all questions to the ATP.

Agassi, who married tennis star Steffi Graf and has two children, retired in 2006. Excerpts from his autobiography, which comes out Nov. 9, are being published this week in the London newspaper, as well as Sports Illustrated and People magazine. In a story posted on People magazine’s website Tuesday, Agassi says: “I can’t speak to addiction, but a lot of people would say that if you’re using anything as an escape, you have a problem.”

According to the Times of London, Agassi writes in his book that “Slim” was the person who introduced him to crystal meth, dumping a small pile of powder on the coffee table. “I snort some. I ease back on the couch and consider the Rubicon I’ve just crossed,” Agassi writes. “There is a moment of regret, followed by vast sadness. Then comes a tidal wave of euphoria that sweeps away every negative thought in my head. I’ve never felt so alive, so hopeful — and I’ve never felt such energy.” “I’m seized by a desperate desire to clean. I go tearing around my house, cleaning it from top to bottom. I dust the furniture. I scour the tub. I make the beds.”

Among the most successful — and, without a doubt, one of the most popular — tennis players in history, Agassi drew attention not just for his play, but also for his outfits, his hairstyles and his relationships with women, including a failed marriage to actress Brooke Shields. Agassi’s first major championship came at Wimbledon in 1992, and he won a gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. But by late 1997, he dropped to No. 141 in the rankings, and he was playing in tennis’ equivalent of the minor leagues.

He resuscitated his career in 1998, making the biggest one-year jump into the top 10 in the history of the ATP rankings. The next season, he won the French Open to complete a career Grand Slam, then added a second career U.S. Open title en route to finishing 1999 at No. 1. After an exhibition match Sunday in Macau against longtime rival Pete Sampras, Agassi was asked if his autobiography contained any major revelations. “I think I had to learn a lot about myself through the process,” Agassi said. “There was a lot that even surprised me. So to think that one won’t be surprised by it, it would be an understatement. “Whatever revelations exist, you’ll get to see in full glory,” he added. “But the truth is, my hope is that somebody doesn’t just learn more about me, what it is I’ve been through, but somehow through those lessons, they can learn a lot about themselves. And I think it’s fair to say that they will.” In a posting on People’s Web site, Agassi says he “was worried for a moment, but not for long,” about how fans would react if they found out he used drugs.

“I wore my heart on my sleeve and my emotions were always written on my face. I was actually excited about telling the world the whole story,” Agassi says. A writer from SI first revealed the crystal meth reference on a Twitter posting Tuesday. According to the Times of London excerpt, Agassi was walking through New York’s LaGuardia airport when he got the call that he had failed a drug test.

“There is doom in his voice, as if he’s going to tell me I’m dying,” Agassi writes. “And that’s exactly what he tells me.” “He reminds me that tennis has three classes of drug violation,” Agassi writes. “Performance-enhancing drugs … would constitute a Class 1, he says, which would carry a suspension of two years. However, he adds, crystal meth would seem to be a clear case of Class 2. Recreational drugs.” That would mean a three-month suspension. “My name, my career, everything is now on the line. Whatever I’ve achieved, whatever I’ve worked for, might soon mean nothing. Days later I sit in a hard-backed chair, a legal pad in my lap, and write a letter to the ATP. It’s filled with lies interwoven with bits of truth.”

Why say something now, besides to sell the book?


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  • drenk

    that 80’s get up is too funny, and its Crystal Meth not Chrystal, you must be thinking of Chrysler

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    @Aunt Viv…I notice you checks them every time. LLS

  • 6 Figgaz

    Congrats B*ssip… you’re only 3 days late on this story (vs. your typical 5 days late).

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  • Caligirl

    Yeah Crystal Is An Epidemic In Caucasians Similar To Crack Affected Areas In The 80’s.

  • lawd da mercy

    He musta been on something if he thought that hair style was the ish.

  • chaka1

    I used to be in LOVE with him…

  • Pookie

    hahahahah that explain those crazy wigs he put on his head during matches….it never made sense till now, lol

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    Hi look like he has a bad case of body ordor!

  • http://Bossip Bliss

    Ok that sent too fast… He looks like he has a bad case of body odor!

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983

    I hate this pic. I really do.

    I mean whatever. All these athletes are up to something.

  • Atl_Finest

    The white man got away with it by saying that he drank out of his assistant’s coke that had meth in it. He was never suspended or any discipline taken. I wonder would ANY excuse work for the Willams sisters.

    There is now an investigation on why he was never suspended. Cause he is white! Don’t bother wasting the money.

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  • ms.kittyk

    ok maybe im to young to know, but who the hell is he? he looks like a fruit cake to me!!


    Used to love Andre and don’t “they” ALL do meth?

  • This some Shhh...

    Based on his revelations, pull any wins and awards during the intended 3 month period. Move on.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Dude needs some drama in order to sell his book. It baffles me as to why people fall for the same tricks everytime. No I will not go buy your book to hear your lastest revelation. I might consider checking it out from the library like the Steve Harvey book and others. I buy copies of books that have relevant meanings to life, but trivial subjects like this really don’t matter.

  • %#&?!! will soon stop coming to bossip

    woowww! if he was blk yall know he woulda been barry bond blackballed just from the speculation!!! what a funny world (or country) we live in. smh.

    @ aunt viv

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