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Mom Earns Her Degree At Son’s Graduation After Skipping Her Own Ceremony For His Event

A mother’s love came back to her tenfold when she decided to sacrifice her own graduation to support her son.

According to ABC 12, Sharonda Love-Wilson was supposed to graduate from Ferris State University last Saturday, however, she had one big problem.

Her son Stephan was receiving his diploma at Central Michigan University on that same date. Thus, in a typical sacrifice-mom-like-way, Sharonda decided to skip her own ceremony to witness her son cross the stage.

“My mother has made a lot of sacrifices,” Stephan Wilson acknowledged. However, Sharonda said the choice wasn’t difficult for her at all.

“He had some struggles, so for him, I was super excited,” Sharonda said. “Then to know he was going to be singing at graduation and we were going to be able to sit in the president’s box and I was like oh we good.”

Then something came Sharonda’s way that neither one of them was expecting.

“We didn’t know this was in the works at all,” said Stephan. “So at the actual ceremony, I sang the national anthem and then I took my seat.”

Then CMU President Bob Davies started his remarks acknowledging graduates when he eventually called Stephan’s name. This is when his mom started walking towards him with a graduation cap in her hand.

“I was in shock, I couldn’t do anything but kind of shake my hands and I was just excited to give her a hug,” Stephan said. “And then they continued.”

“I made a call today to David Eisler at Ferris State University,” Davies started out saying in the video posted on Central Michigan University’s social media.

“My jaw dropped because I said I think he is going to do this,” said Stephan. “This is the cap, this is the moment and it’s all going to happen right now.”

“On behalf of President Eisler and Ferris State Trustees,” Davies continued. “I confer upon you, Sharonda Wilson, the bachelor’s degree that you have earned with all rights. Please move your tassel from your right to your left.”



“I wouldn’t have been able to graduate without my mom. So to graduate with her was super special,” Stephan said. “I have that video now. I have that moment, it’s recorded.”

The Wilson’s didn’t get a chance to speak to Davies but one day, they hope to express how thankful they are to him. “You gave me the opportunity to graduate because to me I was missing it for my son but you gave me the opportunity to share and shine with him,” said Sharonda.

Sharonda earned her bachelor of science in business administration, and she’s currently employed at Mott Community College. With her degree she hopes to work with young people who are transitioning from high school into the next moves. Stephan earned a bachelor of fine arts in Music Theater and he’ll be heading to South Carolina in July to join the Resident Acting Company at Charleston Stage Theater.


We stan graduation season.



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