Driver Pleads Guilty In 2006 Killing Of TI’s Best Friend

- By Bossip Staff

The driver that was behind the wheel while shooters dumped on TI and his entourage, ending in the death of Tip’s best friend, has finally plead guilty:

The 2006 shooting death of T.I.’s best friend and personal assistant, Philant Johnson, shook the rapper to his core. T.I. and his crew were chased down and their cars were sprayed with bullets. Three years later, justice is finally being served.

41-year-old Padron Thomas… Continue

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  • Essence

    Justice is served. R.I.P

  • Whateva (the real, accept no substitutes)

    So I guess murderers of Black people CAN be found. So can someone send the crew that did it to Chicago? I think they need it.

  • cruzan trini

    41??? Too damn old to be doing stupid shit.

  • This some Shhh...

    I thought Tip testified at one of these trials.

  • lawd da mercy

    Glad Tip got some justice, while he’s in jail for trying to defend himself.

    Now on to Pac and Biggies Moms…then we’ve made some real progress.

  • Alrighty Then...

    waste of jail space and tax payer money….

  • shavondenise

    Thats good BUT what the f*ck was the purpose of him “snitching” on his brother when he already is doing 17years on an unrelated charge AND he can face up to 10more years AND he is already 41?? I mean what u want to get out of jail even when you 70? You mite as well NOT testify agaisnt your brother & keep it gangsta cuz u kno you knew yall were doing a drive by!! Be a man & take the L, literally, LIFE because you knew what was popping off.

  • Be Original

    This wasn’t snitching..

    I’m so tired of hearing about black men and their fixation w/taking another man’s life because you feel disrespected. The man did the right or not. A life was cut short and everyone involved needs to pay for it. I agree w/all that state this man was too damn old to even be wrapped up in something like this. I think his conscience got to him and that’s why he plead guilty. In any case, another dumbass is off the streets. We can all sleep a little better.

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