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Racist Prom Proposal At California High School Goes Viral

White people never cease to incense us.

Whenever there is a major social event or holiday they find a way to put their racism on full shameless display. On Halloween, they wear Blackface, on Christmas they insist that Santa Clause be white, and during prom…well, peep the photo in the tweet below.

White students at Palos Verdes High School thought that this racist-a$$ stunt was the epitome of hilarity, but one of their Black classmates is NOT here for it.

The photo has gone BIG viral on social media and the school has been forced to respond. But like most cases, that response is tepid and tone deaf at best.

“…incorporated a slang term for African-Americans”?!?! Are. You. F***ing. Serious??? Only in white privilege-ville could the n-word with the hard -er be watered down to “slang”. Moreover, the AUDACITY!

Sorry, but kids who do stuff like this in 2019 the year of our lord don’t deserve “privacy”, they should be exposed as the racist progeny of parents who are also likely racists.

Throw this whole school away.



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