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O'Shea Jackson Jr.

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O’Shea Jackson Opens Up About “Longshot” Role

If you haven’t seen Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron’s hilarious comedy ‘Longshot’ yet — we highly encourage you to do so! It’s definitely one of the funniest films we’ve seen in a long time. Our Senior Content Director Janeé Bolden recently sat down with O’Shea Jackson to discuss the film, as well as his takes on music and sports. Check out their interview below:

Janeé Bolden: I loved all the pop culture references in the film, but you were born in ’91 so you didn’t grow up at that time.

O’Shea Jackson Jr.: 1991 til Forever!

JB: So what was your favorite reference in the movie?

OJ: The one that stood out to me was a “Friends” reference, we had Lisa Kudrow in the movie and then we referenced Jennifer Aniston.

JB: That was brutal.

OJ: When working with Seth there’s always going to be a lot of pop culture references. He’s got a dog named Zelda. It keeps it relatable. It keeps it real. That’s the thing about the comedies with Seth you feel like you’re in on the conversations they’ve had before. Super cool, super chill set. Soundtrack is bumping.

JB: What did you think when you read the masturbation scene?

OJ: I was like, ‘I’m glad nothing weird happened to me.’ I got to be super chill. Seth is like that, he takes it there. It happens just when you’re feeling comfortable with the movie, like ‘ok it might be going off soon.’ He’ll just jump into the fire. We’re a smart movie. It’s not overly raunchy, but that scene – once you see it you can’t unsee it.

JB: What do you prefer since you came into your spotlight in a drama and this is an amazing comedy, what’s more fun for you?

OJ: Comedy is more fun, drama I gotta be like – focusing. I gotta be like hold on wait, don’t talk to me for a second. It’s like a mood. Especially when you gotta be around someone who has to cry in a scene, and you can’t talk to ‘em but y’all friends. Like my man Jason. Jason Mitchell is my best friend from acting Eazy-E. That’s my boy. The day he had to do all that crying they were like ‘Don’t talk to Jason, leave Jason alone.’ And Cory who played Dre, same thing. Drama, it’s a little stiff. But in comedy everyone just wants it to shine, it’s all about getting the best laugh you can get. You’re around a bunch of creatives it’s all about getting the best chemistry and timing to make the most magic.

JB: Can I ask how much weed was smoked in the making of this film?

OJ: Never during work hours…

JB: What does Lance do though?

OJ: He’s a tech guy. If you listen at the beginning of the scene I’m having a meeting about tech. He is a tech entrepreneur. I sold some app, now got hella bread and I’m spending it. I had a velvet Tom Ford suit on with gold Jordan 6’s. They wanted me to wear those duck shoes but I couldn’t do it.

JB: If you were to create an app, what would it be?

OJ: I need some sort of app that allows me to speak directly to the Lakers front office. I need to be able to give my insight that I know they’ll be able to read Charlize is running for president, I’m running for president of the Lakers. I would be so down. First off there would be a lot of staff changing in there. I’m sorry Rob Pelinka. I love you Rob Pelinka. But not that much Rob Pelinka. It’s time for a new change. I’m tired of the Lakers going the old Laker route. That don’t make sense. “He was a Laker, y’all can’t be. We’re giving him the job.” That’s weak. I’m done with that. We’re never going to grow if we don’t take risks. My Lakers will be alright. But we need to handle that front office. If we don’t handle this front office BS by the Finals, I’ll be nervous for next year, as far as getting the free agents. But we’ll be alright. We’re the gold ball. We’re the logo.

JB: What are you listening to? What’s on the playlist right now?

OJ: Right now Nipsey Hussle is on everybodye’s playlist. J Cole, who is running rap right now, obvioulsy Migos they’re controlling the sound, Really wehen I’m moving and grooving like this I like Bobby Caldwell, Heatwave, you gotta let it breathe a lil bit.

JB: Who’s gonna win the NBA Finals?

OJ: Everybody knows who is going to win the Finals. The Golden State Warriors. KD is leaving next year so the league will be back to normal but they about to get another one. That’s just how it is. Unless a plane crashes into the Oracle arena, there is no way to stop what they got. Their chemistry, their coaching, it’s like a 2K team, it’s just unfair. I’m happy for them I respect it, they did it legally, so we gotta tip the hat.

‘Longshot’ is in theaters now. You can catch O’Shea Jackson Jr. in ‘Godzilla: King Of The Monsters’ which opens May 31.



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