Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat (Part 1)

- By Bossip Staff

Hey Men of Bossip, have you ever been cheated on? Or here’s a better question, have you ever been cheated on … that you know of? Cheating, unfortunately, is a reality in many relationships and it’s not always the man doing the sneaking around with other women. While it may be safe to assume that men cheat for obvious reasons – maybe she had a fatty or she threw herself at him and, of course, he was drunk – these are the excuses that tend to be overlooked by women. But cheating is not so readily excused when a woman does it, why? Because they step out for reasons deeper than the physical and a few drinks. If a woman is cheating on her man it’s because somewhere along the line the relationship lost its meaning or priority in her life, therefore rendering the union’s importance null and void. There are a multitude of reasons why women even feel the itch to cheat but we came up with 10. Take a look at the first five and leave your thoughts and experiences in the thread!

1.) She feels a lack of attention and/or not appreciated – men will make great strides to acquire his lady of interest and once she’s, without a doubt, riding for team WE or US, the romance stops. No more flowers and tokens of appreciation to show you care, no more complimenting the body parts you fell in love with, etc. A woman never wants to feel alone in a relationship. If she’s not getting the attention she needs at home, she will find it elsewhere.

2.) Too much weight – if you’re the guy with the psychotic ex-girlfriend, crazy mother of his child(ren), thug/scrub friends, you have to keep all those relationships in check at all times. There is no bigger turn-off than coming home to your unemployed homeboys playing Madden of your sofa, drinking up the beer, eating all the snacks, not knowing when it’s time to leave. There is nothing more unnerving than your children’s mother stressing you then the effects of the drama trickling down into the relationship. It’s hard enough to accept the listed circumstances, but there’s a sea of men who don’t have such excessive baggage and more than enough time and attention to devote to your woman. And he will be more than a temptation, he’ll be a breath of fresh air.

3.) Monotony – you have to keep things fresh, period. Monotony will bore anyone. If your coupledom is suffering from the same routine on the daily basis, chances are a woman will seek passion in a new or old fling. Again, women are into romance, so you don’t have to go all out with it, but just remind her that you care. Chinese take-out, blockbuster movies, Mike and Ikes and intimate conversation would be more than enough occasionally. A spontaneous dinner date or late night walk will also suffice. Be creative. But a slap on the as* and “babe can I get some pretzels and chips for the game” every Sunday and Monday night is for the birds. If she starts doing a “girls night” on your football nights, chances are ….

4.) Sex sucks – if your lady starts to grow  increasingly disinterested in gettin’ it in with you, something is up. But ask yourself if your performance in the bedroom  has been lackluster or less than satisfactory. Have you forgotten the freak within her and simply do it to get yourself off … sexually selfish. Women have sexual needs that demand attention and fulfillment! If you’re not performing, someone else will gladly get the job done. So when you do love your lady, you better do it like you might not get to do it again!

5.) Vengeance – if you’re the guy who slipped up a time or two and betrayed your lady, who was gracious enough to let it go, you shouldn’t let this happen again. Ever. Don’t even show the slightest bit suspect behavior, this could send her over the edge! Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if she feels like you deserve to feel the same pain you’ve dealt her … it’s payback time, and it will sting. So keep your parts in your pants and in house, no b.s., no suspicious behavior. She might just be waiting for you to slip up so she can have the clearance to do the same.

Fellas, to keep your relationship in a place where all is well, it’s best to stay on point and be the man you were when you were in pursuit! This should keep her more than content! Look for Part 2 next week and remember to e-mail your topic suggestions and questions to!

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