A “Lil Positivity” & On the Come Up: Young America Becoming Entrepreneurs… Kalief Rollins

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Kalief Rollins is only 17 years old and is one student that is making big moves. Kalief and his brother, Anthony, started a clothing company making t-shirt with positive statements on them. He recently won a $10,000 business competition with Merrill Lynch/NFTE Los Angeles and also got a chance to meet President Obama… Kudos YOUNG MAN!!!

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Kalief Rollins is a business man in the making. The 17-year-old entrepreneur recently won $10,000 in a Merrill Lynch/NFTE Los Angeles Business Competition for his clothing line Phree Kountry, which consists of T-shirt designs that he and his brother Anthony created.

“We made the T-shirts to show positive messages of urban culture; (and to promote) leadership themes to try to encourage and remind youth where they come from, and what the people before them went through.”

Kalief says that he has always wanted to do business.

“All my life, everyone has told me I’m a businessman and an entrepreneur. I was always doing something to get money. I would sell stuff at school—candy, bracelets. My family is used to me always selling, and we were talking about that.”

It’s nice to hear that positive things that young America is doing, especially young BLACK men…

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  • Chimera

    HA! its not a surprise that not one person commented on the positive post…

    Well…Keep on that business tip Youngun’..thats inspiration for me** Make that MonEY*

  • Kde

    right on,glad to hear a african american guy doing something positive

  • Aunt Viv

    Good job young man, keep up the good work! Proud of you!!!

  • http://bossip Ikes Beyotch

    Kudos Bruh. We need positive people stepping up front and taking the stage.

  • samael

    He goes to meet the president dressed like that? tighten the tie up and put on a proper coat.

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com Nia Long's future man

    I am happy for him and his business, but someone should have taught him how to dress to meet the “President” ! Bush, Reagan, or Obama. $100 says he had on Jordans.

  • Janae

    He’s a cute young man. I’m glad he’s headed in the “right” direction. I would like to see what his shirts look like. I hope that his business keeps growing and remains a positive influence on the youth.

  • Bossip Baby

    i never delete comments, because i feel that you all have the right to say what you feel but @taverion … u gets dismiss for all that negativity against this young man…

    You are the weakest link… u’ve been DELETED!!!

  • jandsmama

    Yes, yes and yes! Fab job on your accomplishment but please learn how to dress appropriately for meeting President Obama.

  • jfizzle

    @samael @nia long’s man, I would have to agree with you. Congrats on the young man’s achievement, but come dressed properly to meet the President of the United States of American.


    His brazen c@ckiness is off-putting but I can still appreciate his innovation.

  • Amanda Baby!

    Congrats Young Man.. Job well done…look at me talking ilke im old lol im 22! lol GOOD JOB though 😉 Maybe these Thugs out here will follow your lead!

  • So Savvy

    this is wonderful! i luv it! i am going to share this with my nephew who’s 16yrs old and does the same thing yet says he’s not sure what he wants to do with his life when he’s out of high school which will b way too soon. something for him to brainstorm about. big ups to Kalief!

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    Unh, unh-I wajnn make some shirts.

  • thisizkim

    wow congrats to him! That’s is such a great thing. Such a great role model. Keep doing your thing!

  • http://Www.convertiblebertt.com Dmapp

    I’m down with this… Way to go young man. I very proud of things type of blogs. This is what our next generation is about.

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)


    Too bad there are only 19 (now 20) comments.

    Why do we bask in negativity, but surpass stories like this one??

    Finding that out would be the 7th wonder of the world….

  • http://speeklife.com Thoughtz

    This is great, keep making an impact fellas! Why are there only 20 comments (21 including mine) on this story so far? These stories need to get flooded with hundreds of comments like some of “other” stories on this site. SMH…

  • jayjay

    Kudos to the young dude, although he is biting of dangerous negro dot com…. They came up with Educated Black shirt, We still love to see yuong balck man on the come on a positive tip…

  • bluekid

    This young man is going places, it’s good to see positive post on a young man who is doing great things with his life.

    I’m sure this young man inspire a lot of other young people in his community in doing the same thing in becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Cookie

    JeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeJ!!! What a nice article!!! I feel proud!!!

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