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Alicia Keys is on the grind for her upcoming album. She has now dropped her second single, Sleeping with a Broken Heart. Alicia is giving Mashonda a couple of songs to listen to while going through these trying times.

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Speaking of Broken Hearts… we caught up with Tahiry, Joe Budden’s Ex-Chick, and this is what she had to say about being single

Bossip: So Tahiry, how are you loving the single life?

Tahiry: I’m loving it, I’m loving it. It’s beautiful.

Bossip: Really, life without Joe is beautiful?

Tahiry: I mean I do miss him, I love him. I was with him for years, still love there, but no hard feelings. Things happen, I have my own things going on and so does he.

Bossip: Why we loved you guys

Tahiry: (Smiles) No comment.

Tahiry says she is getting into a few reality tv deals (like we didn’t see that coming) which she says won’t involve Joey, just her. She also has a t-shirt line coming out. So with all the sh*t she has going on, that leaves little room for Joey to make a comeback. When we asked her about all the stuff she has going on, her exact words were “wow I really do have a lot of sh*t going on.”

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