A viral video of an Black man running from police sparks controversy

For Discussion: Viral Video Of Young Black Man Running From Police Sparks Controversy Over Compliance

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Viral Video Of Black Man Running From Police Sparks Controversy

There’s a war going on online, no hot take is safe from.

Early this morning, rapper and activist @Tef_Poe posted a video of a young black man escaping police arrest and doing the Jesse Owens on a couple of cops who weren’t paying attention. That video was reposted by Marc Lamont Hill with a caption that triggered a great many people.

Check it out below.

The outraged folks argue that this video is dangerous and that Black people should not be encouraged to run away from police as they might be shot. Those who disagree retort that they were THRILLED to see the young man escape the pigs and rightfully note that we’ve seen many, many, MANY Black people comply with law enforcement and STILL be killed.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you see an inherent danger “promoting” people to run from police? Should Black folks just do everything police say in order to stay alive?

Let us know what you think down in the comments.



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