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Jasmine Sanders

Source: Courtesy of Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders Talks DL Hughley Show, Beginnings

Jasmine Sanders has an inspiring story. The award-winning media mogul went from foster care to co-host of the nationally syndicated “The DL Hughley Show” and break out TV personality of the new nighttime talk show on TV One, “The DL Hughley Show,.

According to Jasmine, working with DL has been an honor and she’s grateful that he gives her “freedom” to speak.

“I think it’s always hard for a female to make sure that she’s heard. We just want to be heard. We want you to hear what we’re saying clearly,” she told journlist/ relationship expert Dominique Clarke.

“And it’s a struggle. But the thing that I’ll say about DL Hughley is that he gives me the freedom to say my peace. He promised me in the beginning that he’ll never take that away from me…and he’s never let me down.”


Jasmine who always dreamed of being a journalist rose to fame in the New York radio circuit after sitting in station’s lobby for 8 hours and buying the receptionist breakfast every day for 2 weeks.

If she landed a job at the station, it would be her first job in a major market. Her unwavering spirit paid off and she was hired by the famous Vinnie Brown. That experience ultimately allowed her to become DL Hughley’s professional partner in crime.

“It is surreal,” she told Clarke about her job. “And I say that because I envisioned it when I was a kid. I knew it would happen. I just knew it in my bones. All throughout my career I would get butterflies in my stomach for no reason and I always felt that it was the universe’s way of telling me that it’s coming. Just be patient and keep working hard. The only thing that I regret is that my parents didn’t live long enough to see it. I would love for them to see that all of the talk I that I did as a kid…that I made it happen.”

Jasmine Sanders

Source: Courtesy of Jasmine Sanders

In addition to her work in media, Jasmine’s a foster care awareness advocate. She was given up by her mother and placed in the foster care system. By the age of 4 ½, she’d been sent to 4 different foster care homes before finding a forever home.

All throughout May, National Foster Care Month, Jasmine’s used her media platform to promote the #AdoptedAndWinning Campaign, to create awareness around foster care.

To educate yourself, donate your time or get involved during Foster Care Month and beyond visit

Tune into Jasmine Sanders weekdays on your radio from 3pm-7pm ET on “The DL Hughley Show” and weeknights at 10pm ET on TV One’s “The DL Hughley Show.”

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