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Woman Forced Her Cheating Husband To Lie Naked On Top Of Car

A woman in Colombia decided on what she thought was the perfect way to humiliate her cheating husband: by making him lie naked on top of their car in a public street as all of the people who passed by laughed at him.

Jairo Vargas was begging his wife for forgiveness after he got caught cheating, which is went he agreed to participate in the embarrassing stunt in hopes of saving their marriage. All of this commotion comes after Vargas’ wife caught him with another woman at a motel in the Caribbean coastal city of Barranquilla.

Traffic was brought to a halt on a busy Murrillo Avenue as those driving other cars stopped and recorded the humiliating event. Footage captured on phones show the husband lay across a car’s roof while hiding his head in a towel out of humiliation. In some of the footage, he was also seen knocking on the driver’s window and scrubbing the front windshield.

Eventually, The Colombian National Police was called to the scene, arresting Vargas and issuing him a summons for causing public nuisance on a street. In the end, both the driver and Jario were fined £120 for causing the commotion throughout the city.

You can check out some photos from Jairo’s ride around the city over at The Sun.


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