FDB! New York School Teacher Makes Black Students Play Slaves In Mock Auction For Social Studies

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NY Teacher Fired For Forcing Black Students To Play Slaves

The nerve of this b!t¢#.

According to CNN, a New York school teacher at Chapel School has been fired after conducting a “social studies lesson” in which she picked the Black students in her class to play slaves in her mock auction.

An investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office found that the reenactment had a “profoundly negative effect on all of the students present — especially the African-American students.

“Every young person — regardless of race — deserves the chance to attend school free of harassment, bias, and discrimination,” Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement.

“Lessons designed to separate children on the basis of race have no place in New York classrooms, or in classrooms throughout this country.””

This incident took place in TWO fifth grade classes at the bougie private school in Westchester County.

A teacher asked all of the African-American students in each class to raise their hands and then instructed them to go stand in the hallway, where the teacher placed imaginary chains on their necks, wrists and ankles. Those students were then instructed to walk back into the classroom and line up against the wall.

How f***ing stupid do you have to be to think that this was a good idea? SMFH.

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