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Facebook Post Depicting Noose And Confederate Flag Enrages Arkansas Neighborhood

It’s the year 2019 and racism and hate crimes are still on the menu.

According to Fox16, a neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas is outraged over a resident’s Facebook post that depicts a brown mannequin being hanged from a noose next to a confederate flag.

“This day of time, there’s no place for it,” says Ricky Allen. “I saw a video of a noose, of a person of color, hanging from it. It’s kind of disturbing.”

To make matters worse, the owner of the home has fixed her face to explain that the imagery “is not about race”…

“Well, hell, I’ll take it down. This is a Halloween decoration – a Creeper. You know the movie Jeepers Creepers,” says the woman.

The woman claims no one has stopped by her house to tell her the mannequin is offensive.

“They could have knocked on the door and asked instead of calling the news out,” says the woman.

Ma’am. B!tc#. What in the HELL makes you think that a Black person is gonna knock on your door for a conversation when there is a symbol of their impending death hanging in your front yard?

MOREOVER, a “Halloween decoration”?!?! Ho, it’s JUNE!




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