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96% Of Sagging Pants Arrests In Shreveport Have Been Black Men Since 2007

Look, we get it. Some people truly abhor seeing men walk around a$$ed out with their pants sagging below their waist, but this is f***ing ridiculous.

According to Shreveport Times, ever since ordinance 50-167 was passed into law in 2007, a law prohibiting sagging pants in public, there have been 726 arrests made. Of those 726, 699 of them are Black men in comparison to the 12 white men arrested.

That’s right, 12.

Additionally, 13 Black women were arrested for this crime in comparison to 1 white woman.

This means that 98% of the people placed into the criminal justice system behind this law are Black, 96% are Black men.

Tuesday, City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller proposed to abolish the law prohibiting the public wearing of pants below the waist, exposing the skin or undergarments. At least three national news outlets reported on the proposal in connection with the death of Anthony Childs that occurred during an officer-involved shooting.

For those unaware, Anthony Childs was shot at eight times by a cop, SPD Officer Traveion Brooks, three of those shots hit him. A reported self-inflicted shot to the chest ultimately killed Childs. The officer was trying to stop Childs because his pants were sagging.

This law is racist as HELL.


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