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Jamaican Scientist To Re-Create Bob Marley’s Favorite Cannabis Strain

Bob Marley is no longer with us, and gone with him is his favorite strain of marijuana, but it appears that a resurrection a gwan…

According to DailyMail Dr. Machel Emanuel is growing a field of landrace cannabis that is considered the “supreme” flower that Marley enjoyed prior to it going extinct in America’s war on drugs in the 80s.

‘In the 50s, 60s, 70s, Jamaica was known for its landrace cultivar which definitely gave Jamaica that international reputation,’ the rasta doctor explained.

The plant is adapted to its environment and with ‘unique growing characteristics based on its flower, on the smell, on the flavor, even on the euphoria’ it delivers to those who consume it, he said.

This cannabis was one of best strains in the country before the United States came through and began destroying the easily identifiable plant with its unusually tall stalks.

Seeds of the landrace are not easy to find as the Dr. says he once went on a six-hour hike to obtain just ONE of these ultra-rare seeds.

He suggests Jamaica take the lead in establishing a geographical indicator for its home-grown cannabis ‘just like Champagne in France.’

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