Angela Simmons Out and About Again… Does this Chick Really Work

- By Bossip Staff

Angela Simmons was spotted at Da Silvano in NYC having lunch.  She’s been spotted out a lot lately, leading us to believe that she may not be in the kitchen, whipping up pastries, as much as she says she is. More pics of Angela lunchin underneath the hood.

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  • The Black Jesus


  • noelle

    Her hair…I hope the lasy does that too mine today. I am gonna go back to the other hairdresser (the Filipino one) next week. This new blck lady just weiighs it down

  • Asia blaq

    booo. next.

  • white male

    she looks like she is loving life



  • Nelle

    Umm….isn’t PASTRY her and her sister’s fashion line???? Just saying..

  • deesac

    Why work she got the shoe contract daddy’s rich uncle is rich. Have fun shop eat go on vacation everyday, leave her alone she was born rich.

  • truth

    She doesn’t have to.. she’s an owner. It’s her job to say “approve”… “disapprove”… that’s it

  • Redbone_Darkbutt_Black_White (It's just coochie)

    To steal a quote
    “she was born on 2nd base, and thinks she hit a double”…

  • booyah

    *sigh* Why does this chick always feel the need to wear a mile of fake hair?

  • TeeTee


  • Anon

    @ThaOne…LOL! So true..

  • champhf

    she,s a boss b it ch

  • http://bossip H.L.I.C

    what do you think????? duh!! her daddy is REV RUN!!! SHE DONT GOT TO WORK IF SHE DONT WANT….HMM MUST BE NICE!!!!

  • top ramen shotta

    work? why? she’s rich.

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