Silence the Violence: 12 Year Old Boy Commits Suicide Because of Bullying

- By Bossip Staff

Sadly, a 12-year-old boy from Alabama took his life on Tuesday after having enough of being bullied by his peers.

Trey was known to the community as a good boy who liked to hug and always thought hugs would make everything better.  The young boy was being pressured to join the neighborhood gang and was bullied constantly by kids in the community.

The kids would take his lunch money, jump on him and threaten him severely.  The boy’s family says that he had been facing the bullies for a year and Tuesday proved to be too much for the boy.  His father says Trey informed him Monday that the children were still messing with him and the father says it must have gotten worse because Trey took his own life to stop the bullying.

No leads have been made on the death but it is under investigation. SMH

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  • noelle

    We really need to find out what we can do to help in the Black community


    Damn boo boo

  • lovelyK

    there is no one to blame, really…

  • http://Bossip Tay

    I see Rihanna’s song is working first Rocsi and now we have a 12 year old can we say Rihanna

  • eveinthegarden

    whats up w/my comment?

  • sunny

    This is so very frightning. I pray for this family. Rip Little man!!!

  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer

    F*ck you Tay.

    RIP Lil dude

  • mimi

    why is there only 5 comments on this post? this is so sad. i get the feeling that the father never went up to the school. your kid tells you that they’re being bullied and you didn’t do anything about it? pathetic

  • eveinthegarden

    if its a duplicate comment why arent yall posting it the FIRST TIME I submit it?

  • WTFJones

    @lovelyK … r u freaking kidding me “no one the blame” do u live on mars? Blame is everywhere on this one. From the school system, the neighborhood, society as a whole, and most importantly we, black people”. We got to do better or we are truly doomed.

  • eveinthegarden

    As a parent, if your kid says they are getting bullied then its YOUR JOB to go up there and let the little bad@ss kids know that they best leave your seed alone. I give a d@mn if its against the rules or NOT. Ima tell the KID wassup and tell em they can tell their mamma and she can come see me too.

  • Po'Sha

    WOW what a handsome little guy. Poor baby. And @ person calling out his father, a lot of kids don’t tell their parents about being bullied.

  • God's Child

    May God keep his family in peace. This is sad ya’ll for real.

  • always knew

    I’m tired of reading about this same ish happening to blk kids, everyday…

    Where are the parents? Why don’t they take interest in their kids and stop it BEFORE it escalated further out of hand… Like before, their kids are dead…

    Final thought: If their own parents aren’t going to look out, for them.. What can be done to stop this??

    I personally, think it’s sick, that in order to drive a car, you must have a driver’s license..But to have a child, nothing is required….People are no even tested to see, if they shouldn’t be able to parent a child, no psych testing, no commitment to the child… SMMH 😦

  • Love

    So sad. No 12 years-old should commit suicide. iIwish he has found peace at last…

  • BoricuaNegro

    rip lil man

  • always knew

    School systems, no matter how messed up , are ultimately NOT RESPONSIBLE for our kids. However, their parents are accountable. How come no one intervened before it turned into suicide??

    Until responsibility and accountablity are taken seriously, by our community, this will continue to happen. Trust….

    I feel bad for these kids growing up with no guidance, self-esteem or direction….


  • always knew

    @eveinthegarden- ‘As a parent, if your kid says they are getting bullied then its YOUR JOB to go up there and let the little bad@ss kids know that they best leave your seed alone.’


  • Kellie

    Mimi, I would like to know how the father was suppose to protect his son? Go to the school and what beat the other kids? Alabama has very specific requirements for home schooling children, so what private school? He had a Dad which meant his Dad must have a job or looking for work, so lets not throw his parents under the f****** bus! I think that the other kids parents need their asses kicked as they are the ones responsible for this boys death, so do not get it twisted. Yeah, I said it and their Mama will be in court crying about what a good boy their sons are and the justice system is racist, but keep in mind how this kid must have suffered at 12 years old to take his own life, and reflect on that before you try to blame his parents.

  • Choco

    That poor child 😦
    Bullies need to be dealt with *harshly* I hate those little runts that can torment another soul and mess up another’s life. No need for stories like this!

  • always knew

    @kellie- “so lets not throw his parents under the f****** bus! I think that the other kids parents need their asses kicked as they are the ones responsible for this boys death, so do not get it twisted”

    that’s the WHOLE problem with this story. This has happened at least 3-5 times within this last year, it’s just getting worse and worse…

    No, I don’t agree with you. It IS the parent’s responsiblity, the parents should pay attention to their child, and maybe it wouldn’t escalate all the way to some child offing themselves…

    Ths is happening more and more, and I feel that if the parents would pay attention to their kids, they would notice behaviour changes within their child…So yes, the parents are going ALL THE WAY UNDER THE BUS…Who is supposed to protect him? HIS PARENTS. Stop trying to pass the blame. Accept responsiblity, this is happening to much, to just be a coincidence…

  • tasty t

    My heart and prayers goes out to the family, but this is what happens when parents are not aware of what their children are doing and especially if there are some sort of gang activities involved. I am sure the parents did all they can cause iknow nobody likes to see their kids hurting if u care, but yes the authorities needs to get to the bottom of this and to any parents if your kids were involved you really need to look at your parenting skills…and i know u cant be everywhere your kids are, but you need to talk to other neighbors, schools, other kids in the community trust me somebody is gonna tell you that they heard or seen something, it’s not about getting in your childs business, hell if they are a child they have no business as far as i am concerned, but be more involved in what your kids are doing and what is going on around you, and this goes for me too…this world is filled with so much fighting, anger and hatred what can we do as a nation to resolve this type of issue

  • js

    To Mimi – the article on the Annistan Post comments that the family did go to school authorities on a number of occasions (so it might not be that the father never went).

    I read all of the comments on school, government, etc.. and tell all – when there is a breakdown in the fiber of the family there is no amount of school or government intervention that can substitute that. Think about the bulliers … what would make them do so? Who is in THEIR homes to teach and instruct them? Who disciplines them before bad attitudes turn to bad actions, and bad actions to bad habits? This is way too complex of an issue to simplify the solution to going to the school and raising Cain. It goes deeper than the school.

    My prayers w his family….

  • Favgirl

    This really breaks my heart.


    Sorry, kid.

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