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Last night BOSSIP was invited to the “Good Girls Gone Bad Pre-Halloween Bash” in Hollyweird. In D-List heaven there were Playmates, Danger, Natalie Nunn, and Raz-B. We chopped it up with Danger about her new seed.

BOSSIP got a one on one with Natalie Nunn and asked about the recent Chris Brown rumor that he is hitting her bad girl cakes:

BOSSIP: Hey Nat; have you been checking Bossip since we last talked and what is cracking with Breezy and you getting it in now?

Natalie: Yes, I love it, but why didn’t you say anything about me giving you a shot after the BET Awards at the same club Steph Jones was at with that white girl? You wrote that up…

BOSSIP: Anyways…

Natalie: Anyways, what?

BOSSIP: Anyways, we hear you and Chris got it in…any truth to that?

Natlie: (giggles and turns to friend) That’s my boy…

BOSSIP:”Your boy” is denying even knowing you and says you are crazy. It was reported that Chris Brown soaked up your lil panties, but if he didn’t you need to just cop to it…

Natalie: Ha ha… Well, we kicked together, but I wont say if he hit or not. Good girls don’t tell…

BOSSIP: But, you are a Bad Girl…right? You can tell us.

Natalie: Haha…

BOSSIP: OK, so can we assume you guys macked it up and he had his thrashing tongue down your throat?

Natalie: Yes, that is true!

BOSSIP: (He hit) We still see him making love odes toward Rihanna and what not, via Twitter. You upset, or didn’t put it on him right?

Natalie: I put it on him! He had fun when we kicked it! He is a close friend now.

BOSSIP: Wow!  A close friend? According to his twitter, he JUST said you guys don’t know each other and that you are crazy! Look!

Natalie: Whatever. We kicked it…

BOSSIP: So, is it safe to say, you still are kicking it and making progress?

Natalie: Yes… we kicked it.

BOSSIP: But, he denied kicking it with you.

Natalie: Well, I don’t know about that. The proof is in the pudding.

Plus, Danger just gave birth to a daughter named, Mayara Cannon, who was born on the 16 of Oct. The little girl was 7 lbs, 12oz.

Stay posted because we have some pictures from the event coming… A bunch of reality hoes… SMH. In the meantime, check out the chickens that attended Chris Brown’s Halloween Party in VA last night.







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