Kept: Jordan Craig Claims Tristan Thompson Paid Her $112K Not To Date Other Men… Even While He Dated Khloé!

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Jordan Craig Claims Tristan Thompson Didn’t Want Her Dating Anyone Even When He Was With Khloe

LORDT! The court documents in Jordan Craig’s child support case against Tristan Thompson are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

According to, in her January 31, 2019 child support battle deposition Craig, 27, testified Thompson, 28, gave her $112,000 soon after she purchased her Los Angeles home in November 2017.

When asked by Thompson’s attorney, Peter Lauzon, why she believes her baby daddy gave her that money, Craig replied, “Well, if we really want to put this on here, that was part of a bribe.”

When pressed further by Lauzon about the alleged bribe, Craig said in her deposition, “That he [Thompson] would help me if I wasn’t, like, dating anybody or talking to anybody, and that I would have to come see him.”

SMH. So basically he was still trying to control Jordan EVEN WHILE HE WAS WITH KHLOE.

Jordy admitted during the deposition to accepting the bribe, saying she did so for her son’s sake and explained she used the money to repay loans to her mom and sister who had helped her finance her home.

During his deposition, Thompson denied trying to control Jordan but admitted he didn’t want other men around his son Prince, saying:

“No one ever said about not see or date anyone. All I please said is, if you’re a single woman, I wanted to request her not to have random men around my child.”

Thompson’s attorney Peter Lauzon basically got into a back and forth with Jordy during her deposition challenging her for making expensive renovations, specifically addressing Craig spending $16,000 to remodel Prince’s room to resemble a castle as well as an additional $20,000 for a pool because Prince loves to swim.

And while Craig claimed Tristan only saw their son four times in 2018, she revealed in the court documents that around January 2018, Thompson said he wanted to sustain a friendship with her for their son’s sake, but that didn’t last long according to Craig, because Tristan started making demands she deemed unreasonable.

“Tristan began requesting to FaceTime with Prince and even began to have Prince and I visit him while he was on the road traveling during the season so that he could spend more time with Prince,” Craig wrote in the affidavit.

“This was short lived. Tristan and I remained friends for months, however, he eventually made it clear that he did not want me to ‘see’ or date anyone. I could not agree to this. It became clear to me that his interest was never in Prince when I told him I no longer wanted this type of friendship with him and he became completely absent in Prince’s life.”

Crazy right? So while Khloe was pregnant and Tristan was cheating on her with who knows how many women, he was also being possessive of Jordan? It’s worth mentioning that Tristan testified in a January 18, 2019 deposition that he didn’t agree with “many things” from Craig’s statement and claimed he and his friend and family had made repeated attempts to reach Craig so they could see Prince.

Do you think this is the last bombshell from the court case? Or should we be expecting more?

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