Jesus Take The Wheel: Already Convicted Rapist Arrested For Killing 6 In Cleveland!

- By Bossip Staff

Anthony Sowell has been arrested under the suspicion of murdering 6 people and he has already been convicted of rape:

Police arrested a 50-year-old convicted rapist suspected in the killings of six people whose bodies were found this week in and around a house in Cleveland, Ohio. “Anthony Sowell was arrested walking down the street near the 4th District Police headquarters at noon,” Cleveland Police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho told CNN. “A tipster told officers of his whereabouts and a zone car found him and arrested him without incident.”

The case began unfolding a month ago, when a woman accused Sowell of rape and felonious assault, Stacho said. “Once we were able to get the cooperation of the victim, we secured an arrest warrant for Mr. Sowell and subsequently a search warrant for his premises,” Stacho said. On Thursday, detectives from the department’s sex crimes unit and members of its SWAT team went to Sowell’s home to execute the warrant and make an arrest, but he was nowhere to be found, Stacho said.

What they did find were the badly decomposed remains of two bodies on the third floor of the house, which is owned by an elderly relative of Sowell who does not live there, Stacho said. A subsequent search on Thursday revealed what appeared to be a freshly dug grave under the stairs in the basement, he said. On Friday, investigators returned to the house, dug up the grave and found a third body, he said.

A further search of the house and property found two more bodies in a crawl space, and a sixth body was found in a shallow grave outside the home, Stacho said. None of the bodies has been identified, and the genders of only two — those found on the third floor — have been determined, he said. Both were female.

“He apparently is a serial rapist,” Stacho said about Sowell, who he said makes his living as a “scrapper.” “He walks around and picks up scrap metal and takes it to junk yards to make a few pennies.” Sowell was convicted of a 1989 rape for which he was imprisoned from 1990 to 2005, Stacho said. Authorities plan to continue their search of the house on Saturday.

What do you do with rapist and murders that serve their time and come back into society… you monitor them non stop, so things like this stop before it gets to 6 people.


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  • de Sade

    Probably the product of a single black mother.

  • de Sade

    Oh, btw, FIRST!



  • iminvegasbitch

    Omgggggggggggg, I know this dude!!! I used to date his cousin. Now this is f***** crazy, u never kno what ppl are capable of. I never even knew he had just got out of jail when i met him!!!!WOW!

  • Symone

    you monitor them non stop, so things like this stop before it gets to 6 people.


  • ok

    product of a single black mother….hmmmm…..What the hell…lol……I’m from a single black mother and I’m not anything like that…stop stereotyping hell….he could beeen a product of a foster home, or a dam single black man or dam the streets….

  • de Sade


    Yep, and as a product of a single black mother, you have the typical propensity to rationalize due to your perpetual state of denial.

  • memchee

    monitoring nonstop is unfair if they have served their time.

    seems like this guy has/had a serious problem that the system did not rehabilitate; probably knew he could not be rehabilitate and yet still released him on the public.

    I fault the system…..someone capable of killing 6 people does not carry a pyschological trait that could be easily missed when evaluated appropriately.

  • Henni

    @de Sade

    You are ignorant

  • white male

    Ladies he could get it? right?

  • huh

    The Mistake by the Lake breeds psychopaths


    hell no





  • lala

    Could you imagine looking into those EVIL eyes as you take your last breath.

  • lala




    There are quite a few – the media downplay it. Go to youtube and type in your words…There’s about 70.

  • Iknowi'mright

    Why did they let him out the first time!!

  • Iknowi'mright

    Keep the crazies locked up!!

  • Nikki

    Funny thing.. I’m sure he had a lawyer that helped him to get out of the prison in less time. Before he goes to trial for these murders, maybe he should be sent over to his lawyer’s house.


    Whoa! I thought that was DMX for a minute.

  • ThaOne

    Probably the product of a single black mother?

    You may want to change that to… Probably the product of a married white couple… LOL

  • Nikki

    Thats just sick. I guess this time he didn’t want his victims runnning and telling. What is this coming to.

  • Jessica

    Prisons are evil. He needed to be sent to a psych ward and gotten therapy. How can we send people away to supposedly be rehibilited and sometimes come back into society to be able to act normal after being locked in a cage for years and going through god knows what else.

  • ash

    damn thts my cousin smdh

  • Anika

    that’s the problem with our system now: jails aren’t meant to rehibilitate, but instead are implace to “sweep the dirt under the rug”. But what happens when the “dirt” gets out?

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