The Beanie Sigel Call That Goes in on Jay-Z, Dame Dash, and the Whole Roc Operation…Says He Respects 50 Cent and How He Took Care of G-Unit

- By Bossip Staff

Beanie Sigel called in to Charlamange the God’s radio show on Friday and poured his heart out. He said The Roc was a sham that robbed its artists blind, Dame was fired from Roc for spending money and being too flashy, and Camel disowned the whole crew to kick it with Jews…


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  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)


  • olsweetdickwillie (WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO?)


  • pushman


  • So Savvy

    oh really, beanie??

  • YNV Me

    this is indeed the kind of $hit that happens when u make it! beanie has what u call “the broke man blues” for real! all that they/he say he is going through should motivate their a$$ to get their $hit together and get the f**k out the streets and make it happen like jay did! i’m not saying to forget where u came from BUT get your $hit together and move up the ladder in life fellas! come on BEANIE! if jay were at the f**kin bottom like them what the f**k would they be saying then?????? there is absolutely nothing wrong with PROGRESSING in life! you know something like “ON TO THE NEXT ONE…”, KEEP DOING WHAT U DO JAY BECAUSE THE “MAJORITY” LUVS IT!

  • sheryl

    don;t forget the llittle people

  • Ole Teggereg

    Beanie you ogtta be ya own man! Stop relying on Jay for correction, guidance,nuthen. Be ya own man!

  • white male

    Want some cheese with that wine?

  • Shay

    50 didn’t take care of G-Unit…

  • hi hater

    50 keep on feeding his friends Jay taught Beenie how to fish but Benie didn’t want to learn. he prefers to get fed by someone else. Beenie got a record label& clothing line 50 ppl don’t have that

  • LaTarro

    I feel him..he’s hurt..more than anything, he needs closure on their friendship..he feels Jay owes him an explanation and I agree..a word to Jigga Man, the same ppl u meet on the way up, u see on the way down, so proceed accordingly!

  • Cobra

    I heard the whole interview live on Friday and it was genuine dude really had love for the ROC and was hurt. 50 did make sure all of G UNIT was paid all the NY’ers anyway

  • pops2380

    Beans stupid. 50 took care of Yayo & Banks cause they were all friends before the rap game. What has 50 done for the people that were his business associates first (artists)? Olivia, Mobb Deep, MOP, Spider Loc, and has already been on record as saying he make just as much money off of Game’s albums as Game do (horrible contract)…………..And as far as Buck, 50 is doing the EXACT same to him as Jay is doing to Beans. Buck supposedly wasted all his money & opportunities on drugs and not listening to 50’s advice. Beans did the same. Jay sent Beans a message in song on the original blueprint back in 2001, what has he done since? Been shot, in and out of jail, still getting caught with pills, still living the street life. So i would ask beans, what’s the difference between 50 being done with Buck for being hard headed/stupid and Jay being done with you for being hard headed/stupid?

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983

    I don’t have the time or patients to listen to this whole interview.

    I will say this though, Beans now knows the truth about his man. So what is he going to do about it?

  • Mz. D

    Jay is a good rapper but he’s just selfish and greedy.

  • pinkgirly

    All these fools are pathetic, lol at Dame saying he won’t be responsible for Siegel to get out of jail. He can”t be mad for that. I would not put myself on the line for another n**ga.

    Jay, Dame, Siegel and every other rapper is pathetic, pathetic, arguing like some females. Just goes to show everything ain’t what it seems, all these fools are some BYIATCHES!!

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983

    I really have to say that I love this black and white picture though. So sad it didn’t turn out differently. The Roc was killing errthing out here!

  • Ummmm

    I just love the way Jay and Beyonce can do no wrong on these blogs. They are two peas in a pod. Yeah, it’s business and in a business you make business decisions. But, don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not. Be the cold businessman. And Memphis Bleek is a bigger bit** than Beanie will ever be. Dude was reduced to a hypeman….where they do that at?

    Beyonce: Sweet Beyonce smiling and being all friendly in front of the cameras. Steadily trying to sabotage your other group members behind the scenes in an effort to make sure you stay in the limelight.

    Jay Z: The hood nig** that looks out for his friends. But behind the scenes he’s dissolving a damn company and leaving his “friends” high and dry.

  • youngbrooklyn


  • Really Hood

    Beeni said he represent the workers at the end of the interview and Jay represented the bosses, with that said Ni@@a since you know your position then play your position. A worker can’t be mad because his Boss makin more money than he is, that’s the way of business. So instead of being a worker you need to start your own and be a Boss. Like Jay said in that I Put On Rmx “If You Really Put Me On Put Yourself On Then”. So put yourself on Beens and stop complaining about how your Boss is making all the money when that’s the position he owns BOSS.

  • bklynlady



  • Well Alright...

    Tell ’em pops2380!! You summed it alll up!!

  • CubaLinda

    I always liked Beanie Sigel… Damn shame people dont get their $$..

  • Sandra

    Here is what I think.
    Beanie is only telling the truth. He is not asking for any money he would just like to tell his story. I used to feel sorry for Dame but if this is what he had done to the entire roc a fella crew then you reap with your sew.

    As far as anything else no one has the right to say that what Beanie is doing is wrong if you are friends i understand business is business but if this is your friend you should give them an explanation.

  • truth be told (the original)

    I’d say

    %50 of his situation is him making excuses for his own progress
    %30 true that Jay left him hanging
    %20 jealousy that he doesn’t have the kind of business head or success that Jay has.

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