When The Checks Stop Coming in: “I Made Over $300 Million and Now I’m Broke”

- By Bossip Staff

This may be the worst when the checks stop coming in ever. Your boy Nic Cage is reportedly broke, although he has done over 50 movies, over two decades and currently makes an estimated $20 million minimum per film. Cage has sold several mansions across the country in an effort to quickly raise cash, but the IRS still says he owes $6 million! A few of the homes have been foreclosed on due to unpaid mortgage payments. Cage says his “Business manager” is to blame and is suing him. SMH. Poor thang.

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  • http://gmail.com For Real, For Real

    Am I first?

  • http://www.yahoo.com Shan

    White folks can do stupid stuff with their money too.

  • jstbnme


  • Janae

    Ok. If he REALLY is broke, that’s TRULY TOO BAD. His wife is cute, though.

  • http://bossip Pimp 4 a day

    He makes Antoine Walker not look too dumb. $300 milli? Thats a lot of loot to burn through.

  • Kigali (Marriage before carriage)

    His wife was a waitress when they met.

  • Kia

    Where are all of the Black people haters? You know, the ones that say ugly, stupid things about black people being the only ones who do this? Speak up! You were all over the Antoine Walker thread. Where ya at?!

  • i said...

    Calm down Kia.You’re right, but you already know what it is mama…

  • Raven Saves

    That’s the recession for ya, broke dont discriminate!

  • Nova

    That’s a shame. That “business manager” probably got all that money in some Swiss bank account.

  • Atl_Finest

    Sound like he has a habit to me. Just saying! Business mgrs love clients that have habits.

  • kelly rowland

    it so sad ,I feel bad for him but I got bills to pay too

  • Geebz

    Not a good look Raising Arizona!

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983


    300 mill…..there is more to this story I am sure.

  • Janae

    @ Kigali

    “His wife was a waitress when they met.”

    I know.

  • Sonia

    He’s not the only one plenty of Hollywood stars are broke or on the verge of getting broke.
    They don’t know how to manage their earnings = living like royalties, spending and renting instead of saving or owning.
    Now with this economy we can finally see

  • kerry

    You can make 300 mill and be broke over a 20-year period if you don’t manage it well. 300 mill, the IRS takes 145 mill of that in taxes. Manager takes 10-20%. He bought a bunch of houses, furnished them, had to pay to keep them up, had to pay taxes on each one. Plus whatever other expenses he had/has. D-bag.

  • white male

    I’m sure he still has way more money and earning potential that Antoine Walker.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/myfastloan redcora

    He’s not broke.. 6 mil is a drop in the bucket.. just an unpaid bill.. He’s on top yall..lol

  • da4seentruth

    LOL..With money, this cat is Worst than Mike Tyson.

  • http://kymwatson.com Kim

    Whoa my boy Nic picks the pretty ones…women and big money paychecks…once the bankruptcy thingy is done he’ll be licking his wounds in Maui for a month or so…go figure. Stupidity and poor money management are color blind.

    … from my sweet MC HammaMan & miraculous financial comeback King Wil Smith to Eminem and poor ol Arabian horse collector Wayne Newton, celebs win alot and spend alot and lose a lot but in the end they keep on livin large:)

  • tasha

    dannnnnnnnnnnnnng thats some ish right there http://www.cassaundrachristmas.com anit even that broke

  • kit


  • "movie quote mann"

    well at least it wasn’t “gone in 60 seconds”

  • Gymo

    @Haha, I think you are the dumb-ass because Nicolas Cage was a 17 yr old High School dropout.
    Antoine Walker is a College graduate.

    Haha, engage your brain before your mouth.

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