Does Kelly Even Date Brothers Anymore???

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland was spotted on Miami beach partaking in a mega swirl fest.  We wonder if chocolate left a bad taste in her mouth or something because ever since she’s been in the UK, she’s been anti-black men. More pics of Kelly in a kini under the hood.

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  • mediamogul

    Don’t blame her, black men have proven themselves almost worthless.

  • SHAH


  • TyNice

    Who cares……….

  • MS

    y it’s always a racist issue, who cares who she dates as long she’s happy!!!

  • Lets Be For Real

    I agree with mediamogul — However I havent given up “hope” yet!!! 🙄

  • MS

    meant to say race

  • gebb

    That’s because the UK creme is sweeter… 😉

  • blackbeltshopper

    I havent paid attention to the “anti-black” but, I’m happy the chick moved on and out of Beyonce shadow..face it…”back up is a trap up”–J.Hud.

  • jaziflowr

    What does it matter? As long as she is happy.

  • Ann

    More black women should take her lead.

  • Kia

    I’mma need that wig off of her head. She has a beautiful face n body though.

  • PradaMaMa

    Does it matter …as long as she’s happy & from the looks of these pics she’s haveN a blast!!!!

  • Black women

    Black men are loosers

  • Black women

    I’m so happy, my black father is dead and I dont have any contact with the half brothers

    My white side is the best

    I dont want to even be black!

    Black loosers.

  • Dan

    The harsh truth is no white man want’s to marry a black woman, hell black men don’t even want them as a wife.

  • stx

    I don’t blame her one bit. When her fine chocolate self was with Destiny’s child, those same black men passed her over and was all up in bey, and all the other light skin girls face, as is common here in America. Now that she’s decided to go white, those are the same black men who probably have a problem with it now. Check it out, most dark skinned sisters are getting hella love from white men, because white men tend to like the darker complexion. DO you Kelly.

  • Never Take S!des

    Yoooo. is she on x, or does she alwayz like 3sums, cuz layen her head on oh boy and seeing that the other guy acts like he knows she a freak somethen iz going down , not even counting that pic shes doing a squat in, for him while he has the come get it face.SMDHALOL.

  • Joyce

    Well, in Kelly’s defense, European men appreciate dark skinned black women a hell of a lot more than most African American men. I live in Europe and have dark skin. The European men think dark brown skin is beautiful and are not afraid to say so. I can understand why Kelly is on a white guy kick as of late.

  • Angee

    Yall can fall for this if you want to. This whole thread is BS.

  • Ummmmmm....

    She looks great in her bikini…it’s that cheap weave thats killin me tho…

  • LolaBaby

    @Black women

    I’m so happy, my black father is dead and I dont have any contact with the half brothers

    My white side is the best

    I dont want to even be black!

    Black loosers.

    Black Loosers or Black Losers? You decide Ma.

  • tb

    I don’t blame Kelly….that’s what all these black men around here doing, but there’s a problem when a black woman say f u c k them and get a white man.

  • Dan

    For the record i would marry Kelly Rowland, not the average nappy head, loud mouth,multiple baby daddy,stretch marks having, weave wearing, smelly, welfare line forming black woman.

  • drenk

    @ Black women

    Hi hannibal

  • Ninafromparis

    it is possible , when she was a child she wanted to be white ! SO …

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