Bossip Goes Inside Nick and Mariah’s Halloween Party… And it Was

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip spies were on deck for Nick and Mariah’s Halloween party at M2 Lounge in NYC over the weekend and let’s just say Mr. and Mrs. Carey sure do know how to throw a party.

Flip the Hood to See What Went Down

Aside from the wacky costumes in the building, the party scene was on point.  Nick and Mariah seemed to be happy and in good spirits amidst the rumors of them having issues with Mariah’s partying.  Also on deck was Rihanna, who rolled solo as a cat and danced the night away like she was making a music video. Ice T and Coco were on hand for the festivities; Coco dressed as she-devil “Coco Amour” and Ice as Maxmillion steel. Ne-Yo  was also in the building cutting up a rug or two. All in all from an insider approach, everyone appeared to have a great time and the party lasted till the wee hours of the morning.

We wonder who stayed in character when they made it to the bedroom???

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  • Chocolateer

    Seeing all these “characters” in character had to be more than amusing!

  • BlackBeauty

    Looks like a good time was had by all. Ice T and his wife are just too much, but I must admit that they seem to be a happy couple.

  • Pookie

    RiRi looks nice but it looks like Coco stole the show

  • Choco

    The only thing I see on RiRi is that alien forehead of hers…

  • Re

    Rihanna’s costume kind of disappointed me…I guess I’m used to her over the top, unique gear.

    Anyway, why is Halloween an excuse to dress like a slore? What happened to creativity?

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983

    I think Ri looks so cute here.

  • Bg(~007~)

    Anyway, why is Halloween an excuse to dress like a slore?
    Stop the hate!!!!

  • top ramen shotta

    awww man, rihanna is the purpose of life. she is heaven.


    like i said.. the hoes will dress accordingly..especially on halloween

  • Bg(~007~)

    like i said.. the hoes will dress accordingly..especially on halloween
    I like when hoes dress like hoes….keeps the confusion down!

  • Re


    LOL, w/e dude, it’s true! I guess it’s heaven for the male species…


    LOL @ Bg

  • Man, I just don't care™

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SHOT!!! Rihanna knows exactly what to do!!

  • Man, I just don't care™

    I think CoCo’s breasts are allergic to fabric of any kind.

  • KeepN2Real

    No RiRi back shots? I forgot, she ain’t got no backs. O_o

  • The Best I Ever Had

    I see Rih Rih is in her element….

  • Kia

    Eeeewwwww! Rih get away from her. She’s gonna make you yucky!!!!

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    It is estimated that over 75,000 hoe costumes or hoe like costumes were sold over the Halloween holiday. This makes me wonder if most woman fantasize about being a hoe. Any thoughts on this?

  • riri biggest fan

    riri looks cute…they all look nice

  • The Best I Ever Had

    @ Ski Love

    LMAO! I think there may be some truth to this….

  • crazysexycool

    why are they dressed up like cheap strippers?

  • http://bossip ......

    RiRi sure is pressing up against her hard

  • Never Take S!des

    Rhi needs to start looken like tigger more often daamn, Oh Coco Already knows. Ill quit job 4 that three sum, But then say sike the next day they’l understand.LOL

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    I love rihanna’s costume~!!!

  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !

    RHianna looks HAWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ! Um um If you a skraight dude you ready to pull er tail ! I would sign the pre-nup too !

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