Make Up Works Wonders

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kimora Lee Simmons was spotted outside of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills yesterday looking rather rough, raggedy and worn the hell out. She’s got that slob swag on lock – yikes!

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  • sdot


  • Paint it Red

    Is there a 1st and 2nd place prize I don’t know abt? Kimmora’s never been a looker to me – madeup or natural. When she’s natural it’s the worst tho’, she looks like an old Japenese villager woman.

  • And.....

    Leave Ms. Ki-Ki alone. Hell being fabulous everyday is A LOT of work. (But she does look a little broke down without her fabulositinessesssess)

  • Paint it Red

    In this picture I’m expecting her to say, “airbrush on nail extra”

  • Shaahn

    she looks like a tall asian woman here. She doesn’t look like she has any black blood in her! she to’ up forreal

  • {{ THE INFAMOUS}}...Ms. Sugar Walls



  • Celebrity CSI

    I can appreciate an all natural appearance & since most folks looks like glow worm (except me)1st thing in the morn, you had betta deal with IT. Fabulosity 101. lol

  • Celebrity CSI

    looks = look, u know what eye meant.

  • Valenne

    I would like a pedicure and manicure please!

    she loks like the lady that do my nails!

  • leave it be(searching for some jelly beans)

    she looks comfortable.

  • Ro Ro

    Dayum!!! Kimora should have checked herself before she left the crib. You know since she is a self proclaimed “DIVA”. Yikes is right.

    Is it just me or is she oddly shaped too. Those arms look long as hell.


  • Valenne

    I mean, i want to see the picture of her parents and see who is black in her family!!!

  • finesseyoswagger

    look pretty normal 2 me.

  • Baby87

    I never believed she was black…Why is her maiden name Lee?

  • 6 Figgaz

    So much for “Life in the Fab Lane”. This trick look like her breath be hummin’. And I’ll betcha there’s a ripe, stanky puddle under dem armpits…

  • pm

    She is allowed to have a off day, give her a break, She has 2 young kids.

  • mr mr

    @ Valenne

    it’s her dad that is black…he is mad tall as well…her mom looks traditionally oriental

  • Valenne

    her dad is black or biracial??? I mean, he must have the weakest genes ever! I mean look at her?????

  • Valenne

    she is not even a little colored!

  • Landie

    LMAO @ “Paint it Red” comment…LOL! That was hilarious… or maybe she is saying Salt,Pepper,Ketchup? LOL! She plays the “pretty” part well but damn sure ain’t pretty. She is the biggest over sized Koren I’ve ever seen…LMAO! (Sorry Kim)

  • Southern Belle 225

    she looks comfortable to me. Damn yall, she can’t be Gee-d up all the time! This just goes to show that all those celebrities that some of yall worship don’t be all that when they are stripped from their make up and designer duds. Regular folks just like us.

  • vee

    hey i am fully black and my middle name is lee. so she had a bad day and look broke down wtf, like yall neva have?

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    She doesn’t look that bad, y’all know damn well if some of these celebrities took off their makeup they would look a lot worse. Stop trippin.

  • Valenne

    I don’t think she looks ugly but she has never be the prettiest to me! I just think she is the most asian black woman i ve ever seen! But her daughters are really pretty and i am sure they would be really beautiful as they grow up cause they look black and asian!!


    OH SH&% I thought this was a trailor for Dawn of the Dead 4.

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