Jon Gosselin is Choppin’ Down Octomom for a New Reality Show…

- By Bossip Staff

The producer of the show Cheaters, is shopping around a tv show that involves Jon Gosselin hooking up with Octomom…. GROSS!!! They each would receive  $1 Million if they agreed to come aboard, but from the looks of it … Jon is not having any part of this random ridiculousness.

Details Under the Hood

The show would be called Jon – Kate = Jon + Octomom; that’s not really creative but it may work. The whole point of the show would be for the cameras to follow Jon as he attempts to have “hot sweaty relations” with Octomom. In actuality, if the two came together then they would have a total of 22 kids together.

“Cheaters” producer Bobby Goldstein:
I am shopping the show around to major networks as a two-hour special that will air on Super Bowl Sunday. We don’t want it heavily edited, we just want to show the natural spontaneous reaction of these two media heavyweights when they finally meet. Jon better take the money now because in six months, he’ll be doing “Cheaters” for free.

Jon Gosselin’s manager:
“Jon has not signed on to do any show. He’s not interested in this type of television show. Jon could take the offer and look like a joke, but he wants to take the path of seriousness. He’s trying to make a change in his life and is turning down this $1.5 million offer to better himself and his kids.”

This whole thing just sounds like pure random ridiculousness and also more proof that TV is going straight down the drain. Let’s be honest…

How many of you would watch this just to see if Jon will soak up Octmom’s panties???

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  • PradaMaMa

    Dat women shouldve been stapled shut!!!

  • trs

    Jesus Take the Wheel!!!!!!!!!

  • 6 Figgaz

    Look at this trick’s forehead! Gotdayum! That’s crazy.

  • drenk

    he better sign up, child support is gonna destroy him

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping it Real Since 1983

    LMAOOO @ the commentary! Whoo!

    I probably will stick with the superbowl although I love the show cheaters!!

  • Nette

    And they call us Nigg*s LOL!

  • lawd da mercy

    why not pimp himself like he pimps his kids, then roll out o his family for a floozy or two.

  • shar

    Please get Octomum a tan.

  • AKA

    If theres anything jon doesnt want, it’s anotha crazy chick wit kids!! his 8 kids plus octo’s 14 kids? $1.5 million is not gonna take care of 22 kids


    Jesus take the wheel…this world is ending

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