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Man Reportedly Shoots Baby In Head After Mother Rejects His Advances

A 10-month-old baby is currently in critical condition after being shot in the head, and it’s all because their mom rejected a man’s advances, according to police reports.

Fresno, California Police Chief Jerry Dyer says at about 4 a.m. the baby’s mom, Deziree Menagh, 18, stopped by a family house party, according to Fox26.

While inside, reports say Menagh was approached by Marcus Echartea, 23, who tried to force her to hold his hand. She pulled away from Echartea and walked outside of the home to tell friends and family about the instance.

Echartea THEN followed her outside and had the nerve to try and force Menagh to sit in his lap, according to reports. This is when Menagh finally made the decision to leave.

She asked to get a ride home from a male friend, then she got her 10-month-old baby Fayth Percy and they entered the friend’s car and left.

The guy eventually made a u-turn to park a short distance away on 5th street and that’s when they noticed Echartea walking quickly towards them.

Police say Echartea pulled out a gun, and fired off three rounds into the driver’s side of the vehicle. One bullet hit Fayth in the head while her mom was holding her in the passenger seat.

After officers were called around 5 a.m., CPR was given to the baby when they arrived as they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Fayth was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery to remove bullet fragments in her brain. According to Chief Dyer, she’s listed as critical but stable condition. The man driving the car was not hurt according to ABC 30.

Meanwhile, Echartea was arrested and didn’t seem phased by the horrible incident.

“In fact, when our detectives brought him downtown, he had no remorse,” Dyer said. “He had just shot a 10-month-old baby and didn’t even seem to care or it didn’t phase him.” Echartea faces felony charges and is expected to go before a judge later this week. 

According to Fox26, Echartea was also wanted by cops for a shooting on May 27 at another home in Fresno. Officers say that Echartea unloaded multiple rounds into the home where his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend lived. In the process, he almost hit a one-year-old kid with a round.


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