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Sleeping on the street

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Someone In San Francisco Is Pouring Water On Homeless People

We’ve written a lot of stories about people who ain’t s#!t, but this one takes the cake.

According to NBCBayArea, there is some a$$hole who is going out of his way soak homeless people’s belongings in water while they sleep. Bullying the homeless is the epitome of being trash.

People who live and work at 20th and Bryant streets say when homeless people are camped out on the sidewalk, someone is getting up on the roofs of adjacent buildings and dumping buckets of water on them. Some neighbors say they want to know who it is so they can tell them to stop.

This guy’s mother should have swallowed him.

“She was sopping wet,” Caraballo said. “At first, I thought, all right just a weird coincidence. Then it happened a second time.”

A man who works in the building at 20th and Bryant says he saw the same thing happen last week.

“I was outside with colleague, witnessed ton of water come down and land on person,” he said.

Folks on Twitter are offering a $1000 reward to anyone who can identify the perpetrator.

We sincerely hope that someone lays hands on this fool before reporting him to the cops.



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