The Game: 50 Cent and Tony Yayo Got They Real Boo Lovin’ Thing Down

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The Game sheds some light on the G-Unit train of dropouts:

I’ve been telling you Buck’s the next to go for like four years, three years. After that, it’s Banks, but I don’t think that Yayo will ever break they thing ’cause they got they real boo lovin’ thing down. Banks is gonna be next man.”

“50 needs to change his ways man. Until then, you gonna see his empire dismantle itself,” explained The Game. “It’s like a totem pole man. Dre worked with Pac, then he found Snoop. … Dre found Snoop, and let Snoop blow up. Look at Snoop today, Dre never stopped Snoop from blowing up. Dre had helped Snoop, and it was in good business. Then Dre found a white boy from Detroit, and he came in… Dre gave Eminem the chance to blow and they never stopped. Then they gave it to 50, and let him blow. 50 didn’t pass the baton like that man. … [50 Cent] wanted everybody to be soldiers forever, forever, forever, forever… and grow old … That will never hold up.

“I never hold grudges. Curtis could call me tomorrow and we could work it out,” he said. “With him, he’s to the grave with it. Next time I run into them, I’mma just let them beat me up. Maybe that’ll do it — Yayo beat me up and 50 beat me up. Maybe they’ll feel better… just beat me up ’cause I could take it. I ain’t got no glass jaw… beat me up. I’ll take it … and then let’s just end it like that.”

SMH at Bugsy and Yayo having that “real boo lovin’ thing.” That sounds like pure comedy.



The Game is looking to sign the man that knocked Suge Knight the f*^k out last weekend.

“The popular Compton rapper made the revelation on the Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex radio show last night. ‘He’s the Knockout Kid. We was looking for him, we found him, and trying to sign him.'”

Is this the future of hip-hop? Does talent count for anything anymore? SMH.


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  • rox

    Can’t stand this guy! 1st?

  • beautiful b

    boo lovin!!! i like that!!

  • beautiful b

    boo lovin..booo lovin’, boo lovin!! hey. the perfect heeeeeeyyyy boooo…for a down low nucca. yes we see ya’ll.

  • rox

    and why is 50 closin his eyes in this pic while smooching his cheek? 50 is def. suspect….always has been.

  • Southern Belle 225

    They are all so damn gay acting.

  • mrz. jeezy

    dammit! i thought I was 1st…i’ll take third!

  • mrz. jeezy

    damn 7th lol!

  • Southern Belle 225

    Sissy boys!

  • DC Gyrl

    I’d have to agree with Game. Sometimes he says some off the wall things, but he’s making a lot of sense here. 50 needs to stop being such a bamma ass hater!

  • Marsha

    I gotta got wit the Game on that one

  • I really hope this isn't as good as it gets....

    I bet their studio sessions were filled with a fudge-packing frenzy

  • Sarafina

    He is right – 50 has not passed that baton yet. Selfish ass troll.

  • sickofit

    12th LOL

    50’s is not suspect, He’s a fudge packer no doubt. Or as my gay friend calls them X-Men. 50’s a bytch period.

  • kimbo

    I like the game. I think he is right that g unit thing is not going to work. Buck sold more albums than Banks 2 yrs back. Plus it all looks soooo gay.

  • Rambo

    ^^^^^^ that 50 wrote^^^^

  • k.k

    i like game now..since he left 5 cent N his g-unot crew

  • Cage

    They’re both corny as hell right now anyways… Not tryin to upset any fans but they some clowns… 50 is a pop artist now and game… I just dont know about phony actin ass… Least he aint singin on his hooks…… yet

  • Rambo

    mark my words…

    i like the way she do it!!!!

    and im going to leave at that…. now off to some hiphop sites…

  • Just Sayin

    50 he is more like 25 he said he got his name off the real 50 RIP Shameke that was live n*gga this knock off is not. Every time that picture of him holding a fat long black d*ck in his hand comes up I just SMDH not knowing what to think. I don’t hear him disputing these flammer rumors at all. Everytime I hear him brag about getting shot 9 times I think one more mighta helped us all out! If Shameke was still alive he woulda been put this dude out his misery for even calling himself that!

  • Another day

    Game looks like he just want to throw this dude off him what is with the kissin on the cheek only YT gets away with that and two men greeting kissin on the mouth. Get your gorilla money and get your monkey ass outta here

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Rambo is in love with 50! How disgusting. LOL!

    Realization: no one will ever be anything riding with 50, get a grip playa.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    And for future reference,

    FACT: Game was never signed to G-Unit, he signed with Aftermath n Interscope as a solo artist. He had a 3 album deal regardless of G-Unit.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    The artists on BWS need to perfect their rapping skills. They sound to regular. None really stand out so if BWS want to go anywhere, no it wouldn’t be smart to allow them to come out right now.

    The only one that sounded worth anything was G. Malone and that’s Fase’s artist, so of course he’s not with BWS anymore.

  • cocoa49

    well one disloyal dude knows another disloyal dude. good-bye and get over it. it seems the more the hate on 50 the more we keep reading about his riches. oh yeah has anyone asked mr. butterfly to sign a deal like jay z or 50? no and they never will!!! and why should 50 pass the so call baton….get rich on your own. disloyal dudes don’t need a baton passed to them do it on you own!! stupids……

  • I'm Just Me

    LOVE YA GAME….when you just pose…when you open your mouth i get very, very upset!

    Why do you want people to beat you up? That is a mess.

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