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White Guy Calls Cops On Poolside Black Women On Two Separate Occasions, Blames It On Autism

The Whites are at it again.

Another wonky wafer couldn’t bare to think about living their best life without calling the cops on a Black person. And now, this one is trying to blame it on autism.

According to Yahoo, Nick Starr-Street called the police on a group of Black women TWO separate times at The Edition Apartments in Hyattsville, Maryland, and he rightly received major backlash on social media.

In the first incident on June 22, Felecia Soso says her friends were chilling by the pool when a guy, later identified as Starr-Street, made a complaint about them having glassware, which is a violation of the apartments lease. He also complained about their music, saying it was too loud.

Starr-Street allegedly yelled at Soso’s friend and he later recorded her friend admitting that she had glassware. Video shows that her friend agreed to get rid of the glassware, adding, “What else do I need to do for you to be comfortable?”


How nice of her…the RESTRAINT.

Starr-Street then showed his clip to a leasing officer, and when they didn’t take any action, this White man completely escalated the situation and called the police.

“I see this stuff online but having this happen in person like BLATANT racism for NO reason at ALLLLLLLLL,” Soso tweeted.

Soso and her friends were left explaining their side of the story to the cops, which she caught on video.

Soso later added:

“I’ve honestly seen SO MANY TYPES of racism.. mostly passive.. some not so much.. but usually I can see why like you feel threatened by us being loud so you react like this.. we having to much fun so you’re mad.. but we weren’t doing ANYTHING BUT EXISTING.”


In the second incident, that was tweeted about on June 23, a woman named Gaëlle Claude posted a clip of Starr-Street following her and her friend while they were walking away from the apartment complex. In the clip, Starr-Street accuses Claude and her friend of being racist while on the phone with police.


The whole situation came about because, once again, Starr-Street had complained about the two Black women having glassware at the pool earlier. By Starr-Street’s account, he started recording the women, and “Without a single word being uttered I was punched by a woman at the pool,” he wrote on Facebook. “She left a now purple bruise on my chest, and my phone went out of my hands.” He later posted a 16 second clip on YouTube.


How conveniently edited.

Starr-Street said when he and his husband called 911, the ladies fled and that’s why he started following them outside the apartments. He blamed his autism for his sense of “right and wrong.”

“I called 911 and chased after my attackers as I wasn’t going to let someone get away with physically assaulting me, again the autism thing where my sense of justice and right and wrong go right to 100 percent,” Starr-Street wrote on his Facebook.

Later in an interview with KSDK, he doubled down on his autism excuse:

“I’m autistic. I just see right and wrong. I don’t see race. I don’t see gender. I don’t see color. I don’t see any of that.”

Oh, you don’t?

Twitter receipts would say differently, especially one where he asked a user “eww you like Blacks?” back in 2010.


He even made a vile tweet towards a famous drag queen back in 2016 after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, writing, “Seriously @RoxxxyAndrews? Isn’t she a has-been not a star? Where her people at? I thought they were all shot.”

His Twitter account was suspended at the time.

After the tweets from Soso and Claude went viral, Starr-Street says he’s received death threats and the front door of his home was vandalized with the word “racist.”

According to Soso, he also got evicted from the very apartments he was trying to “protect.”




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