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2019 BET Awards - Show

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Lizzo Interview With Variety

Lizzo has had an amazing year so far and we’re only halfway through it.

The rapper/singer/twerker extraordinaire recently put her thing down at the BET Awards and it was a sight to behold. If you ever wanted to see confidence on full tilt, go to a Lizzo show.

The folks at Variety caught up with her to ask her about a lil’ bit of everything.

What does it feel like to be Lizzo right now?

Pffft! There’s a thong rammed into my ass right now, so deep that it’s brushing up against my bone. If I cough, the tip of my ass, my anus, brushes against the thong. It’s happening right now.

Is that a metaphor for something?

No. It feels pretty good.

Lizzo, ladies and gentlemen.

How did you feel to have Rihanna stand up for you at the BET Awards?

I don’t know, man. It was so cool. Everyone wants to know what it feels like to have Rihanna stand up. I didn’t know she was there until the end. I saw the seating chart, but I was like, “She ain’t going to be out there during my performance. There’s no way.” And when I finished and she was standing there clapping, I was like, “What?” I haven’t met her. I didn’t talk to her. For me, it still feels like a GIF on Twitter.

We need Lizzo to meet Rihanna.

Why is it important for you to perform at Pride?

I guess it means a lot of things. It means that people want to have a good time, they want to celebrate and they want to do it in a safe space. My shows are very inclusive safe spaces for everyone, especially marginalized people, more specifically the LGBTQIA+ community.

Do you have a message for the community?

Nah. They got their message. The message is loud and clear. It’s called Pride, not hide. Everybody, more than ever, is wearing their hearts on their sleeves and wearing their messages on their backs. I think we all know what’s up. We all can feel it right now. It’s time to represent and it’s time to persist and keep going. There’s progress to be made and we’re moving forward.

Lizzo is the greatest.


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