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Shaquille Dukes Arrested & Accused Of Attempting To Steal Hospital IV

A black man suffering double pneumonia was racially profiled at a Freeport, Illinois hospital. Shaquille Dukes was a patient at FHN Memorial Hospital after falling ill during his vacation. According to Dukes who wrote about the incident on Facebook, he was told by a doctor that he could walk around outside as “long as he didn’t leave hospital property.” He then went on a stroll with his IV bag still attached and his brother and friend by his side before the profiling took place.

“After receiving doctors orders to walk around, I was stopped by an overzealous, racist, security officer, who claimed that I ‘was trying to leave the hospital to sell the IV equipment on eBay.’ After a brief conversation, the guard called the police, I was advised by Sgt. Jeff Zalaznik, badge number 116, that I was being arrested for attempted theft, of the IV equipment that was clearly attached to my arm.”

The Journal-Standard reports that police said Dukes, his brother, and the other individual were arrested only because of their conduct toward the security officer and the police officers once they arrived.

Dukes was ultimately charged with disorderly conduct after an investigation revealed he had no intention of stealing the IV stand, said Freeport police Lt. Andrew Schroeder. Police have not been able to confirm whether Dukes had permission to walk outside of the hospital.

“The issue here is that his actions were why he was arrested,” Schroeder said according to The Journal-Standard. “Had they been able to engage in a civil discourse with hospital security, we wouldn’t have been called at all.”

SMH, that man didn’t HAVE to be civil to a security guard who was accusing him of stealing.

In addition to Dukes saying he was profiled, he’s also revealing that once the IV was removed from his arm and his rescue inhaler was taken, he had an asthma attack and a seizure while in police custody.

“Eventually while I was being transported, I passed out and had a seizure,” Dukes said. “When I woke up in the back of the car, I had an asthma attack. I didn’t get my inhaler until probably four minutes later.”

Police are adamant however that they “followed the proper protocol” when they realized Dukes was having a medical event.

We smell a LAWSUIT coming…


Watch Shaquille Dukes talk the incident below.





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