SMH: Woman Mowed Down By Father For Being “Too Westernized” Dies

- By Bossip Staff

The 20-year-old Iraqi woman whose father mowed her down with his car for being “too westernized” died Monday after spending two weeks in a coma…Continue…

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  • msk

    So sad……Why do you come to this country if you don’t like the lifestyle….She was so pretty….SMH…Daughters look to dads for protection….WOW

  • drenk

    well praise be to allah for helping bring back honor to the family…..smh

  • Cleo

    I didn’t even finish reading the story out of disgust. So sad… Inna lillahi wa inna ilahyi radjioen (a Muslim saying after a tragic event). Rest in peace, beautiful girl. My prayers go out to her mother and other family members and friends. Her dad will get his punishment, no worries, no. : )

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    i agree~~ stay in your own country and follow your traditions and you wont have to worry about your daughter, too bad that skank that Steve Mcnair had didnt follow her upbringing~!!

  • what that?

    this is so so sad… what does the parents think when they immigrate to a different country and not try intergrate with the rest of our society!!! when ya come here…don’t you all except that you and your children would have to make changes in your lifestyle,language and culture!!! everyone that came to america on boats and planes..had to speak the language and become familiar with the environment,and different cultures that we have here in united states… this process will not be easy and you going to have alot hate throw at you for what you have done to your daughter..and you will have no choice to change up attitude towards american because once you get locked up with all these other criminals, like yourself.. in these jails here in the US.., this will totally be a culture shock to you and your beliefs… then you will know how it feels to be different and following other people rules!!!

  • Gimmeabreak 78

    It’s amazing that the excuses people will come up with to justify murder. I guess staying in Iraq to “protect” his daughter from Western influences never ocurred to him? I hope they throw the book at her father and lock him under the jail. He’s a reptile of a human being. SMH

  • Re

    So sad…this man will get his.

    Growing up with immigrants from another country, I know how hard it is to try to balance two cultures. I grew up in America, but it felt like I was growing up in Ethiopia.

  • drenk

    @ Re

    i worked in an ethiopian restaurant, DAMN good food!!

  • Ms. J

    Clearly, Middle Eastern men are raised to hate their children….this is such a sad story…I think about the abuse this young lady endured her entire life….

  • Lawd da mercy

    Love your children unconditionally, cause no one else in the world is going to.

  • Ms. J

    @lawd da mercy….huh? did you read the article?? wow.

  • Re


    Why thank you! Most people have something negative to say about it…if you plan to eat it regularly, stock up on the Mylanta.

  • drenk

    @ Re

    yea i got plenty of ignorant comments from customers! But Kitfo rare with some mesir wat! DAMN now i wanna go back!



  • 2Cent

    Unbelievable! What a beautiful girl too.

  • coco

    Ooops, typo’s (Jail) and (your). Yall know what the hell I mean!

  • Ara

    What a waste, so sad ….

  • Momo

    this is not just about culture. violence against women continues to be a PROBLEM. My desk is across from a worker that deals with these issues daily …

  • PhillyinDubai

    The daddy must been a follower of Saddam

  • Jess

    this is just sad. how do you 1) move to another country, probably for a better living for your family but 2) get mad because your child is “too Westernized”?

    clearly he is a big dummy. should have never moved here in the first place.

    plus, shes 20 years old! damn, let your child live her life. if she falls down, let her get back up and realize her mistakes. ugh…..

  • SadlyNoRemorse

    She was pretty and this is sad. It is not all people from middle eastern countries nor all Muslims as people like to say BUT I do have my own experience. My ex was Muslim and I did not find out how extreme until a few years into our relationship. Since by then it was being more serious his words and actions turned into these extreme beliefs that are often in the middle eastern community of women, their roles, expectations, etc. From hearing and seeing how things were in his family it is unbelievable to me how the beliefs of a culture or relgiion can be more powerful than the love for your wife and children. This father, like others who do these so called mercy killings/actions, will not feel any remorse at all. They truly somehow believe they are doing what is right. Sad.

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