F*ck A Thug: Los Angeles Family Terrorized By College Prospect… Turned Thug!

- By Bossip Staff

Los Angeles is boiling with high school athletes that could have been and should have been success stories. The young man pictured up top, Tyquan Knox, is a perfect example of how his demise and ignorance doesn’t only affect himself, but the community that surrounds him as well:

Tyquan Knox was once a top prospect coming out of Crenshaw High around 2006. Tyquan has reportedly been thugging since socking his ex-girlfriend in the grill, during his time at Crenshaw. After colleges got wind of those allegations, his stock went into the dump. Shortly after the incident, Tyquan said “I kind of feel like I’m getting screwed,” he said in an interview with a college football fan website. “People haven’t seen the last of me,” Knox said. “I’ve got a chip on my shoulder now.” Well, Tyquan is still in the hood and still has that chip on his shoulder. Knox has since been accused of…… robbing a young couple at gunpoint, and some say, he was involved in murdering the mother of the girl/victim of who was set to testify against him in the robbery. The young lady, Khristina Henry, was a fellow classmate of Knox’s and contacted the police after she was robbed, reluctantly.

Shortly after reporting the incident, Khristina started receiving calls from the accused mugger’s mother! The mother said she didn’t think her son committed the robbery and after that Khristina started receiving threats of the “watch your back” sort. When Khristina called the police… the calls increased with text messages saying “we know you told the police, what did you tell them?” The victims’ family pleaded for more protection. Kristina’s mother, Pamela Lark, was forced to find refuge from the neighborhood they felt threatened in. The Knox family knew where the victims stayed which forced the family not to stay in the apartment usually. The night before Khristina was set to testify, they decided to stay in the apartment with Lark’s two grandchildren and grown son. The next morning when Lark went to take out the trash before the trial, she was shot and killed. The “robber” who asked for her purse and money… left the items.

We know you ignorant thugs did this. You fools are not Al Capone, so hopefully the law will have no problem deciphering your high school murder scheme. The law should also take witnesses’ pleas for help and protection more seriously. F*ck A Thug!

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  • kerry




  • Glok.. I CANT CUSS ON BOSSIP!!?? WTF ?


  • PradaMaMa


  • Glok.. I CANT CUSS ON BOSSIP!!?? WTF ?


  • http://twitter.com/ibramblebush Ibramblebush

    Police can talk all they want about the “Stop Snitching” culture, but until they start protecting witnesses, no one will step forward. This dude should be put death.


  • Samantha

    If your being treatened why would you stay in the area the night before your scheduled to testify? They had not been staying there before that night what or who would have convinced them to stay that night. She may have been setup bey someone she trusted.

  • drenk

    i hope his mom is proud of what shes raised…

  • Sydney™

    I thought this story looked familiar. The LA Times ran a two-part series on it last month. Sad. . .

  • Redz

    And the police wonder why people will never subscribe to their pleas to stop the “Stop Snitching” movement! If you can’t protect the innocent people who want to assist you, then you are on your own!!!

  • Ms. J

    Dayum shame.

  • Come On People

    This is real sad because obviously the boy was never taught to take responsibility for his actions. He has a chip on his shoulder because he hit someone and he made himself lose out on college prospects. It was no ones fault but his own. His mother will still go to the trail and cry and ask why did her son have to receive such a terrible punishment. Not only is he going to go down for armed robbery but no a murder charge. but to him it will never be his fault. PUNK!

  • Redbone_Darkbutt_Black_White (It's just coochie)

    He made his choice — I hope he is punished to THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW.

  • EleKtrik EccEntriK (ban conformity)

    ugh… its too early for this.
    this dude barely heights a buck and a half. they will have fun with him in prison where he belongs. he’ll be ok though. he can hear them coming with those satellite dish ears. pu$$y.

  • KrusherKronkite

    Check me out on mediaanarchist.wordpress

  • Rafe

    He’s an ugly dog.

  • Bunch

    Another badly raised, no daddy in the home piece of ghetto trash. All these thugs should be exterminated so Black people can get on with their lives.

  • YorkieLover

    I’m glad that colleges are beginning to weed out the thugs and bad boys. I wish more schools would do this, and I wish the NFL and NBA would get on board too.

  • Hummm

    I have just stop feeling sorry for boyus like him. He had a choice. Oh well….next.

  • Candy

    I just read the entire story L.A. Times (googled it) this is so sad…..whats scary is the girlfriend of the killer told the cops he sent her to the victims job (daughter) to get a description of her to refresh his memory!

    Here this girl is at work and had no clue who was looking at her and why…d@mn…

    This happend in 2007, the article is date Oct, 2009 I wanna know whats happened to them since then…stupid @sses!

  • tg

    Perfect example and story of why a lot of Black people don’t help the law. The law just does not look out for black people – whether they doing the right thing or not. Maybe, you know something different, but that’s just what I’ve seen throughout my life. Even when you want to do the right thing – it comes back to bite you in your “A” when you live in certain neighborhoods. Shoot you have to start your life some where else if you testify against the right person. The police have shown us they don’t care about us – through racial profiling, jailing innocent people like it aint NO THING, etc. etc. etc. Now all of a sudden – they are your best friend. This is why people KNOW they can’t trust the police, not even to protect them.

  • Sanjor

    “Tyquan”, really?

  • LeeLee

    Once again Black folks are blaming everyone else for something that this idiot did to himself…its the same story..these crazed abusive BM abuse lie steal rob murder etc and the Black community hollers racism..this is why BM will never be real Men because they want to hide and whine when they are caught for doing terrible crimes to BW and children…this is really sad and only goesw to show why the BM is viewed in society the way he is.

  • de Sade

    I read about this about a month ago in the L.A. Times. It was a two-part article in their Column One section. This thug’s girl friend was an accomplice in this girl’s mothers’ murder. She drove Tyquan to the apartment. The sad part was, she scheduled to start a college, but she, like most black girls couldn’t resist the allure of being a gangsta’ boo, even after constant pleas from her parents to dump Tyquan. After being arrested, the cops convinced her to testify against Tyquan for a lesser sentence. She’ll probably do 7 years instead of 15 to 20.

  • it's Me

    sad…my people let’s get it together and stop the violence

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