Vote or Die: The Republicans Take Over NY and NJ in Political Race

- By Bossip Staff

The voting day for NJ governors and NYC Mayors took place yesterday and while it was a very close race in both states, the Republicans won the race.  What happened is the question most Democrats are asking.

With the President visiting and showing support to both New York and New Jersey during the campaign,  it was a sure win in the minds of most Democrats and their supporters, but that was not the case.  NYC Democratic candidate, Bill Thompson, lost by 5% to his opponent Mayor Bloomberg, while Republican New Jersey candidate, Chris Christie took the race for NJ governor in a close call to Democrat Jon Corzine.

Most democratic officials are saying that they could have gotten more support from endorsers and people in the democratic party to help give Thompson and Corzine a better chance in the race.

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  • Impressed

    Oh no

  • drenk

    doug christie and john corzine are no different, both corrupt slobs that dont care about the working class and the poor

  • Samantha

    Bloomberg is and independent not Republican, and A democrat won the NT 23 district. The sleezy democrate that lost in NJ lost for that reason the corruption and taxes. I’m a democrat but i’m sick and tired of people trying to make a big deal out of something that’s really not. For 8 years in Va we had a republican president and a Democrat for Governor no one made a big deal then so why now. Local politics is local politics people voted based on what was going on in their state not Washington.

  • Why oh Why?!

    @Samantha and drenk

    Just wondering can you give some examples of Corzine’s sleaziness and corruptness? Not trying to be funny, just want the truth.

  • Glok.. I CANT CUSS ON BOSSIP!!?? WTF ?


  • drenk

    @ why oh why

    Just hours after Bergen County’s longtime Democratic machine boss, Joseph Ferriero, was convicted Thursday on three federal felony corruption counts — which could land him in prison for 20 years — New Jersey’s governor proudly defended having written him personal checks totaling nearly a half-million dollars.

    for someone who always claimed to be fighting corruption, how the F**K could he miss the pay offs and illicit trade in body parts that was takin place right under his nose!

    what really irked me was when he said he’d give some of his own money to help rutgers build a bigger stadium BUT that would mean more money for football and less money for academics. F**K football, football team didnt help me find a job, study for finals, write papers, professors did!!!

  • Glok.. I CANT CUSS ON BOSSIP!!?? WTF ?


  • Meeke

    Of course thay won…. They don’t want anyone messing up their money. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Let’s see how many more expensive trips and private plane rides they will be taking.


    I tell you what happened. The people who needed to vote didn’t vote and then they wonder why things are so bad!!!

  • tg

    The people have spoken – we hope, which is all you can do these days – is hope it was legit. I don’t trust either party to stand by any of their promises. Democrat/Republican – neither are worthy in my eyes.

  • tg

    As for people not voting – but always complaining – what else is old as the hills.

  • NYC Gal

    I didn’t vote for Bloomberg because he seems to bossy for me. When he went to the council and not to the people to have a third term for NYC Mayors to run again, I lost all respect for him. We the people in NYC should have decided if NYC Mayors should be allowed to run again.

  • drenk

    @ tg

    you know the US is the only “democracy” with only 2 parties, how is it the voice of the people when theres only 2 choices

  • imrightdammit

    And all this “Change” Obama promised??? He’s just continuing the same old democratic political machine with Pelosi, Clinton, and the big corporations and lobbyists running the show!

  • white male

    I heard a lot of people are moving out of New York and New Jersey because the taxes are too high.

  • Why oh Why?!


    You do realize that we had a surplus when Clinton left office that was decimated by Bush (republican) in his first term of office. It took years to recover from the deficit that Reagan and Bush Sr. left us with. How do you expect Obama to turn that around in 1 years time?

    When Christine Todd Whitman left office to serve Bush she left NJ with a major deficit that we have not recovered from yet.

  • Why oh Why?!


    Don’t believe that ish. It’s white people’s dream to live in NY.

  • Anika

    Unlike so many commenters that don’t live in NJ, I do and I can tell you that 1) there were plenty people out voting yesterday. People are just disappointed with Corzine and the fact that the political platform he just ran on is pretty much the same thing he said four (4) years ago… (what has he done?)
    2)The third party candidate in NJ (Daggett)took enough of the vote that what could have been a close race went to the non-incumbent.
    Overall people were not really voting ‘for’ Chris Christie, they were voting against Corzine, who has been out of favor with many residence for years.

  • Why oh Why?!


    Don’t believe that ish. It’s white people’s dream to live in NY. People are leaving NY and NJ because there aren’t jobs.

  • Why oh Why?!


    I am a NJ resident who not only went to the poles with my husband, but made sure we took our daughters in so that they could view the process. The voter turnout for NJ was low. This typically happens in off election years. Republicans have gained their strength in off-years. Also, the prediction was that if Daggett took a bigger percentage then Corzine would have been safe.

  • imrightdammit

    @Why oh Why,
    Obama has made the deficit TWICE AS BIG AS IT WAS UNDER BUSH IN ONLY A YEAR! And it’s to TRIPLE in the next 10 years under his IRRESPONSIBLE spending. The most ignorant answer to anything stupid Obama does is to say “Bush did it to”. It was stupid when Bush did it, and it’s STUPID when Obama does it! If people wanted the same policies as Bush, they would have elected someone like Bush you idiot!

  • bria

    The majority of the stimulus money has not even been spent. Stop believing everything you hear on these fake news programs. They haven’t even distributed 80% off that money yet. In the meanwhile there are no jobs out here and the Republicans are trying to stop the extension of unemployment benefits so they can make Obama look bad next year for the 2010 elections. They could careless about anyone all they care about is making the President look bad. So all you people can put them back in office if you want to, but, if that happens I will be living in Canada. I will be leaving this country.

  • GB123


    You ARE right, dammit!!!!

  • Keisha2doll

    I didn’t vote in the mayoral race in NYC because I was out of town. I feel really bad about this because most New Yorkers I know, have been trying their best to get Bloomberg out of office and I wasn’t there to give my support. I can’t believe Bill Thompson lost and I deeply regret not being there.

  • lanette

    he is an independent not A RUTHUGLICAN.

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