No Remorse

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Hood-rat Remy Ma was heard arguing with her victim in a radio interview Wednesday on New York’s Hot 97.

Click HERE to read the details on the on air fracas between the inmate and Makeda Barnes-Joseph and learn why Remy decided to reject a plea deal.

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  • Tikki

    After crying like a fool in court , now she wanna act gully

  • Tikki

    Oh snap. I was first??? That’s a first…

  • jojo


    Ya know you could be wrong about that one my Queen, this the same ol bird that shot ol girl in the tummy for a few seeds.


    i think Rem is nasty on the mic and i used to like her a lot but it is so clear she hasn’t an inkling of intelligence…she talks way too much. Just another example of a loud mouthed hood-booga bein loud and gettin on ppls nerves

  • Southern Belle 225

    SMH at this whole sad situation. I didn’t know she had kids. Poor babies.

  • Honey Dew

    Dumb ass should’ve took the deal.

  • kai

    Sad part about this is that Rem is ignorant.. I dont think shes unintelligent whatsoever, i think she is a typical celebrity..too much confidence and not enough damn common sense. Especially when it comes to “oh I wont see my child for 8 years”..she cant argue with anybody but herself for that one..

  • kai

    she aint take the deal because she was overconfident….and lawyers cant make you take any…

  • Aunt Viv

    Her loud azz needs to sit down. She, Foxy and lil’ Kim can collabo about life on Rikers when she gets out.

  • CNS

    With that attitude I wonder if she will make out of prison alive.

  • Lady

    Actually, when I listened to Ms. Barnes, I’m not so sure I believe it happened exactly the way she said it did. Remy made a good point when she stated what people will do and say when they think they may have a 20+ million dollar pay day!! I believe the gun accidently went off, Remy got scared and fled the scene. The victim stated that Remy kept going through her purse, but if you read the original reports, she fled the scene in her SUV and crashed. So when Makeda says that Remy wasn’t shoock, it doesn’t sound believable. I do think that Remy should’ve gotten time if it wasn’t an accident, but I believe that it was. Why in the hell did the victim have a gun in her bag anyway?? And it had to be her gun, because Remy wasn’t charged with any illegal weapons???

    This whole thing is a HOT ASS GHETTO MESS!!!!!!

  • boo boo

    when I read quotes likes hers, I’m so thankful that they have cages for animals like her to keep on lock. I hope that her family that is looking after her kid, has more sense than her.




  • Stacy Dee


    So what she was partying. I have seen women party days after having a baby or having surgery. A person is allowed to party especially since their alive and not dead after being shot by a mad woman drunk with power, those are pretty good reasons to party don’t you think?

    This is a general statement. But black people are where we are because of who we are. Some of us have sense and some of us don’t. When R. Kelly rapes underage girls, or Michael Vick kills innocent animals, and now remy ma thinking this is the wild west and she can shoot someone because the cheated her, there is always going to be some sad soul who wants to defend them because they are black and want to play devils advocate. It’s sad and that’s why as a community we fail each other more than we should. It’s not about taking a side bescause someone is black , it’s about saying this is wrong, and we are NOT going to buy your albums if you keep screwing little girls (R. Kelly) ! There was never an ounce of outrage to what he did, but Dom Imus calls us nappy headed hoes and blacks turn upside down. It’s so sad. Moral of the story..SHOOTING PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY STOLE YOUR MONEY IS WRONG!!!!

  • LadyLuv

    @Cat Eyes

    I doubt she will become popular because she is irrelevant to begin with. Remy ain’t a big enough star that people care about her that is why she is in the situation she is in now. She thought she was popular enough that she would get off. Whether she does the full eight years, or three no one gives a rats ass about her. Shooting someone for $3000 is stupid. She has a child to think about, but I guess that doesn’t matter now. She wasn’t thinking about her son she was thinking about herself and now instead watching him grow up she has to sit behind bars and think about what she did. I doubt she will learn anything from this situation.

  • LadyLuv

    She should have taken the deal, because three years is a lot better than eight. But if she is lucky she will get out early with good behavior



  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I bet she wants to kick herself in the @$$ now… for so many different reasons.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    I pray that Remy will be okay in jail b’cuz she will do 1/2 the time…3-4 but that is still a long time.

  • Keesha

    Who cares??? They’re both hoodrats. One just happens to be semi-famous.

  • Aunt Viv

    She ain’t getting out for good behavior.

  • creolediva


    even “I” know that remy aint got $20mil, LMAO and her close associate DEFINITELY knew as well…specially if this hoe was tripping over a few grand…even if the gun accidentally went off, why was it pulled/cocked?? remy needs more people…

  • Stacy Dee

    How could Remy Ma possibly have 20 million? No one except young blacks folks and a few NY puerto ricans know of her. I wouldn’t even say Eve has 20 million and she’s been in the game much longer. I promise you that she will not serve more than 2 years if she doesn’t act a fool in jail. Now she will have plenty of time to think about the best way to handle her rage the next time she confronts someone.

  • imrightdammit

    Ignorant-ass thug. Maybe this will give her child a chance to have a semi-decent life away from his stupid hood mother. And last time I checked, you have to pull the trigger on a gun. I’ve never seen a gun just chillin’ on a table and it goes off by itself.

  • ChileBoo

    The only thing that matter’s here is this: Remy intentionally or unintentionally shot her friend in the stomach not once, but multiple times (2x)and then fled the scene?? Remy left this woman with gun wounds to the stomach to die or whatever. She left. Remy bought a gun to the scene, pointed at close range and was reckless, no matter how you cut it…she is GUILTY. Guilty of carrying an illegal firearm, guilty of having a ‘thug mentality’, guilty of inflicting harm on another indidvidual, guilty of leaving this woman to die, guilty of being completely out of control, guilty of being a repeat offender…just guilty. And she needs to sit her a** in the big house to think about how she has failed her son as a mother, how she failed to use her God given talents to elevate herself and her mentality , how she blew the opportunity of a lifetime; to be a successful MC in the world of hip hop, and how the public has completely lost respect for her. There is redemption at the end of the day for Remy, and hopefully she will find God and accountibilty for her actions. No excuses. And I suspect once the dust settles, and reality sets in, Remy will be singing a new tune.

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