Which One is “WORSER???” : Bootsy Collins vs. Tommy Davidson

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip was in the building for the 2009 Soul Train Awards in Atlanta last night. Tommy Davidson made sure his appearance was known by coming dressed as Bootsy Collins and showing his stomach like always. Even though Bootsy is a legend, he still looks crazy in this get up. We want to know which one is “WORSER”???

Tommy Davidson seems like he is always on “one.” But what we can’t seem to figure out is… Why did Jamie Foxx, Jim Carey and even dancer, J-LO’s careers blow up and Tommy’s career just went down the drain??? Anyone have a clue because we would like to know!?!?!?

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  • Red

    Bootsie’s a legend… goes back to playin’ for James Brown back in tha day.

  • electric homey

    Tommy Davidson is one of the funniest comedians of all time. Just the dances he does or when he tries to sing other peoples songs.

  • oldschooler

    You don’t need two words to explain why Tommy Davidson’s career went down the drain when just one word will do. Crack.

  • eveinthegarden

    cosign @ electric homey…
    Tommy Davidson is pure comedy. That stuff he used to do on In Living Color would have me in TEARS. The dancing..those faces…

  • I hate the Ghetto Culture

    “WORSER” are you serious??? Where do you get your staff from a pool of high school dropouts… Try looking it up in a dictionary it’s no where to be found because it’s not a “WORD”

  • Shay

    Tommy is probably on the stuff. I don’t talk bad about Bootsy that’s his style. I think even Bootsy looks embarrassed by Tommy.

  • A.J.

    I’m sick of looking at Tommy’s funny looking abs and birdchest

  • yupyup

    Now THEY look like THEY’RE dressed in Blackface, lol.

  • Impressed

    Love love love

  • huh

    Bootsy is an icon, Tommy is just a con

  • Jimmy J.

    Bootsy can do Bootsy with no shame.

  • I see the b*tch in you

    WORSER?!! D*mn…Are you for real?
    Okay…I’m leaving now…my intelligence has just been officially insulted.

  • True

    WORSER was in quotation marks I don’t think they were intending for it to be taken as grammatically correct. And this is Bootsy’s style just like his buddy George Clinton and just like James Brown with his loud suits. It’s the character and I love it.

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