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Here is “Iron” Mike Tyson at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend. A documentary on his life is featured at the festival:

“I lived a wild and extreme life,” the former heavyweight champion

told reporters Saturday. “I used drugs. I had altercations with dangerous people. I slept with guys’ wives that wanted to kill me. I’m just happy to be here, you know. It’s just a miracle.”

Tyson spares no details in describing his sex life, and covers his career’s low points, like biting Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997. He admits to many, many bad decisions. But on one issue, he still refuses to take responsibility. He insists he is innocent of the 1991 rape of an 18-year-old beauty queen for which he served three years in prison.

“I’ve been abusive to women before in my life,” he acknowledged. But in this case, “I thought (the conviction) was wrong, I thought it was unfair.”

That should be an interesting tale. We all know Mike got major issues.

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  • Ara

    Mike Tyson use to be the man, loved to see him box but you better not blink because it was over that quickly. He was knocking opponents out left and right. Truly one of the greatest fighters of all times.

  • Star

    Mike needs to write a book or do a high paid interview, I’d watch it! He was the man, knocking mofos out in seconds.

  • Trinkets

    Pear shaped man.

  • versace

    He had to do something to Holyfield because he kept giving Mike Low Blows and no-one said anything to Holyfield. Mike was the man though knocking guys’ out after the first or second around.

  • creolediva

    i like mike…i wouldnt let him nibble on my ear, but i like mike…on anti-depressants..

  • ROse

    I have always been trying to ask everthing about him as I could.

    People say he is a member of a celeb club

    *** We al t hy Ming le.c om ***

    I once was there and met my rich boyfriend.

    It’s a place to meet the rich and celebrities.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    I would love to her him in a interview so I can hear his baby voice

    and lisps. lol

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    His kids look very normal, AMEN! AMEN!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Mike is a real thickums now.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Celebrity Fit Club?


  • http://myspace/rayallenquotthegreatquot Ray Allen The Great

    Much respect to Mike! I think his career in not only boxing but in the public eye period, really shows the beast-like nature of the media. I’m glad he’s alrght now, but at one point, I thought he really needed help. You’re still the man to me Mike! Brownsville all day!

  • D.P

    I Love Mike Tyson..

  • reese


  • DDub

    I’m sure his medication has something to do with his weight gain.

  • Old Timer


    When you bit Evander’s Holyfield’s ear, everyone KNEW that you raped that girl!!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Mike is gonna fight that KIMBO SLICE n**ga on pay per view.

  • I Took My Glasses Off (I Did it Then But I'm Not Gonna Do it Now!)

    Big Up to Mike!

  • I'm Just Me

    Mike is looking very THICK! I am scared of him.

    I actually somehwat respect this quote.

    Kids are very cute!

  • joey joe j

    mike has had his problems, but I really respect him now. i feel like he has changed for the better. good luck to you mike, God bless

  • http://www.defSpot.com defSpot.com

    dang mike look so old now.

    ############ Catch Usher coming out of the closet music video ‘Moving Mountain’ playing on defSpot com

  • Ignorance is Contagious

    @ here’s mytwocents and mizz pimpin

    It is ignorant negros like you that create a culture and sends a signal in the Black community that Black women do not have rights and do not deserve to be respected. It does not matter what time you go to someones room, they need your CONSENT, PERIOD!

    As a young Black woman, I feel unsafe in my community and around Black men because of the constant lack of responsibility and accountability in our community for Black mens reckless and violent behavior.

    Its a shame.

  • ChileBoo

    I never was convinced beyond the shadow of doubt that Mike was guilty of rape. If I had to call it, I would say that the key elements of what really happen where: that they engaged in consensual sex, that the sex probably got rough and sadistic, that the alledged victim probably felt ‘like’ she was raped b/c when a woman doesn’t get anything out of sex; that’s generally how she feels. Slightly raped, raped of satisfaction, raped of tenderness….Mike probably hit that so agressively and quick, by the time she decided to say no, it was over. Maybe he dismissed her in the same easy manner in which shr arrived. People need to be accountable for the situations that they put themselves in….She went looking for an ‘opportunity’ and she should have known that @ 2am, ain’t nothing going on but a jump-off. And Mike, made himself accessible to a groupie, to someone that he didn’t know very well…he took a risk when he bedded that woman. Woman have been crying rape for years, when it’s not so…and men have been notorious for risking all they have, for some pu**y. It’s nothing new. They both need to be accountable for what did or did not happen. Cause’ where there’s smoke, there is fire, and when you lay down with dogs, expect to get up with flies.

  • The Truth

    I agree with you Chileboo. I never believed he raped that girl…this is exactly women and men need to make wise decsions and be careful who they lay down with…ecspecially when we all have something to lose…like our lives and freedom.

  • Lee

    I love you Mike 🙂

  • lovely and amazing

    @ Chileboo

    Co-sign 100%. I never believed he raped the woman and I always felt that things went down just as you described but didn’t know how to say it. Thank you for articulating it because it really angered me that he was wrongly convicted. The woman then went on to be a feminist posterchild like she’s a great example to women by going to a celebrities hotel room at 2am and then lying about being raped. SMH. I’m gald Mike is alive and well and had a chance to tell his story. And look at those pictures, I’m impressed and proud of the lovely children he created and raised. You don’t see his teen daughter acting a fool for the tabloids. You did good Mike! God bless you and keep keeping on!

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