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“Not on her watch!”

Iyanla Vanzant Speaks On Her Viral Memes

During OWN TV’s exclusive ESSENCE Fest press conference Iyanla Vanzant spoke with BOSSIP about the sixth season of her hit show “Iyanla Fix My Life.”

In between speaking to the press about advice for millennials (“Who are off the chizzain”) and the “Fix My Life” casting process, Iyanla spoke with BOSSIP about social media.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have noticed that Iyanla’s an absolute social media sensation. Her memes and GIFs dominate Twitter and Instagram and provide the perfect reactions to everyday situations.

Some clear frontrunners of the Iyanla Vanzant social repertoire are that infamous “Not On My Watch” moment where she laid down the law to the ladies of “Six Brown Chicks” (5:20)



and that moment where she made Hazel E read her raunchy lyrics to prominent black female figures spawning social media hysteria.

These moments have spurned infamous tweets and memes that we’ve personally covered over the years. 

According to Auntie Iyanla however, she misses a LOT of the memes because she’s barely active on social media. So inactive in fact, that she doesn’t really know the proper terms (she called tweeting “twit”) and was previously befuddled by the concept of DMs.

“I don’t do social media, they taught me how to Twit–TWEET, TWEET!” Iyanla told BOSSIP.

“So I tweet during the show so I do that. So if something is on my mind I know how to do it. I write my Facebook stuff but someone else posts it for me. I know how to do Instagram, I like Instagram. I like that. I used to do the word of the day and I would find a video—but I can’t find nothing, I can’t look for nothing. People say all the time they DMed me—what does that mean?! There were DMS in there that were three years old.”

Iyanla who added that Chance The Rapper told her she has “street cred” also addressed that now viral video of her swinging from a sign at ESSENCE Fest while waiting for her ride. The video that was filmed over the weekend caused speculation that Auntie was having a good IMBIBING time on Bourbon, but that’s apparently not true.

According to Iyanla she was NOT intoxicated during the stunt and was just having fun, so it “hurts her feelings” that folks think otherwise.

“Somebody called me this morning and told me that people thought I was drunk because I said I was on the pole the other day,” Iyanla told BOSSIP. “That stuff makes me mad, it doesn’t really make me angry it just hurts my feelings that people talk about each other on the FAKEbook and other things and I don’t like it.

“I said ‘I’m on the pole, I’m on the pole’ and people thought I was drunk! Y’all don’t know how to play.”


Iyanla is also selling a body product called MasterPeace Body Therapy that will “turn your body cleansing into a spiritual ceremony”, beloveds.

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