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Jaheim performed this weekend in Miami looking a little ‘off.’ Damn, something just ain’t been right with our boy these days. Remember when he was rockin the shag fro swag? At least he got his hair braided this time. Poor thang.

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  • kenya


  • kenya

    wow who new!!!! I am so Happy to be first!

  • Trinkets

    He needs some razor bump remover, hair plugs, and lip chap.

  • creolediva

    i had a chance to see him live and first off hes cock-eyed…the eye follows u around the room…it has a mind of its on..secondly, he is soooo suspect..i didnt wanna admit it but he reminds me of my gay husband…he would not go on stage til his braids was just right, wtf?? he was an hour late with that diva behavior and he was full of dem trees(which aint a bad thing) but his show was cool overall..he just weird…he looks crackish in that pic above, so 1988…

  • ROse

    I have always been trying to ask everthing about him as I could.

    People say he is a member of a celeb club

    *** We al t hy Ming le.c om ***

    I once was there and met my rich boyfriend.

    It’s a place to meet the rich and celebrities.

  • terry fabulous

    no Jahiem, go back where u coming from, when u sort out watever is going on with ur face u can come back on the scene, ok!

  • tha DrUNken MAstER...

    Hell Teddy Pentagrass was gay, that was a shocker to me so I guess Jahiem could be. But it sad that I was just thinking he’d be better off being a crackhead than gay…but gays don’t hurt people…well then again what do I know, that anal thing must be a b!+cH ….NO HOMO….LOL

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Some huh? Teddy P. is gay?!

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥


    “Put your woman first” is still my jam![♥]

  • MDS

    he always looked like he needed a bath.

  • catalina

    did he have problems staying out of jail or was that a rumor. but people have been saying he been smoking who knows

  • Rozza

    Why are grown-assed men insisting on braids with baby hair? ICK. He needs to keep his sunglasses on, already.

  • DarkSkinIsIn

    LOL @ MDS

    He is an ashy mutha sucka!

  • onotse

    i think he looks great

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    As Much As I Love Jaheim It’s Time For Him To Stop Braiding His Hair. It’s Getting Kinda Thin On Top. I Think He Would Look Good With A Haircut Like Ludacris. It Would Also Clean Up His Appearance.

  • I'm Just Me

    What the heck is up with you Jah? You know I love you man but you are looking a mess out there. Did you get a hold of some bad kush baby? Come on now.

  • jimecap

    He looks like my 1st cousin. Gotta give him credit Dude can sang his butt off.


    Hurry up and come out with a new album Jaheim dang.

    ############ Catch Usher coming out of the closet music video ‘Moving Mountain’ playing on defSpot com

  • Honey Dew

    He has got to stop taking those damn E pills.

  • Necy

    He always looked like he has poor hygiene… dirty looking. YUCK

  • Erica

    whateva, he can still get it!

  • zarie

    Jah forget what they saying u do u , the concert was off the chain and i’m so glad u came to miami an different artist tired of seeing the same atrist ur album is hot. I guess when u become puff daddy or bee or opera they will respect u cause they will be looking at your money and how they could get some. I will be at your concert in olando and new orlean. I luv the braids, cut them when u ready and they worrying about u been gay, that cause they is gay and they need someone to blame they gay problem on.

  • MzTee

    Jah ain’t neva been cute and neva will be. And lord knows he needs to cut the braids out since his hair is so damn thin.

  • MissJoyInsideMyTears

    jah is beginning to look like one of the wayans…

    the hair has to go

    the cornrow thing has run its course…let it die in peace

  • sickofit

    So sad, Jaheim has that crooked smile like Bobby Brown. OH DAMM! I hope he makes it through this one. Such a beautiful voice.

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