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Uber Expands To Add Brand New ‘Comfort’ Feature For Passengers

Uber is once again rolling out more ways to customize your ride sharing experience, this time with a new way to request amenities like extra legroom, quiet cars, and other perks typically associated with its higher-priced Uber Black service.

The new service is called Uber Comfort and will be available today in over 40 markets across North America.

Uber Comfort is being presented as a whole new product category in the app alongside Uber X, Uber Pool, Uber Black, Uber Black SUV, and Uber XL. Basically, it’s fancier than Uber X, but less fancy than Uber Black–and of course, it’s also more expensive. Riders can expect to pay around 20 to 40 percent more than a typical Uber X trip, a spokesperson told The Verge.

For the extra cost, customers will get newer cars, more legroom, and the ability to set the temperature in the vehicle before pickup. Uber Comfort customers will also have the power to request a conversation-free ride from their driver, which was previously only available to Uber Black customers.

Drivers who want to accept Uber Comfort ride requests will need to meet several requirements, including a 4.85-star average rating and a car that is a maximum of five years old. Vehicles that meet Uber’s standards for extra legroom include (but are not limited to) the Toyota Camry, Dodge Durango, Audi SQ7, Chevy Tahoe, and Honda Odyssey.

The addition of Uber Comfort is the latest addition to the company’s business since Uber went public earlier this year.

Would you pay more just for some extra legroom and A/C?!



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