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Cash Falls Off Armored Truck On I-285 In Atlanta

If you live on the north side of Atlanta and missed the free-for-all on I-285 yesterday evening then you’re probably going to kick yourself after you read this.

According to the AJC, an armored truck door swung open while haulin’ a$$ down the highway near Ashford-Dunwoody Road yesterday evening and cash went flying everywhere!

“I saw a bunch of paper floating around in the road and everybody pulling over on the shoulder, and as I got closer I noticed it was all just cash,” the driver reported.

A viral video of cash ruling everything around people circulated social media almost immediately.

Based on that video, police are trying to identify the license plates of anyone seen committing “theft of lost or mislaid property” which could be as many as 50 people.

“The law is the law,” Sgt. Robert Parsons said. “You need to turn in the property. It doesn’t belong to you. Reality needs to kick in, and you need to realize this money belongs to someone.”

There hasn’t been an official count yet, but the trucks drivers estimate that they lost around $175,000. Police say they only recovered about, wait for it…$200.



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