NFL Great, Dana Stubblefield, Hit With Restraining Order From Ex-Swirl-Fiancée “He Is An Animal!”

- By Bossip Staff

Dana Stubblefield is already on probation for lying in the BALCO incident, now his ex-fiancée has hit him with some new charges that could lock his crazy tail up:

Stubblefield was a defensive star for the 49ers. After helping the team win a Super Bowl and becoming the NFL’s defensive player of the year, he scored a six-year, $36 million contract with the Washington Redskins, and landed a role in a Hollywood film opposite Ben Affleck.

“I’m very scared of this guy,” said Stubblefield’s former fiancée Melanie Wade…

“That’s my main reason for coming to you guys and writing that letter.” Twenty-six-year-old Wade contacted the I-Team because she is worried the authorities are not doing enough to protect her from Stubblefield. After a tumultuous three years together, Wade broke up with him last month, four days before their wedding. She says she tried to leave several times.

“He would lock me in and not let me leave the house, and tell me threats, like ‘I’m not done with you ’til you’re six feet under,’ like ‘I’m the only man you’re going to be with,'” she said. Wade says the relationship began to unravel after Stubblefield admitted lying about his steroid use to federal investigators in the BALCO case. Stubblefield received a reduced sentence of two years probation and a $5,000 fine because he cooperated with investigators, “providing the names of players, trainers, and others associated with the NFL who may be involved in on-going activities with illegal drugs in professional football.”

It also was apparently hard for Stubblefield when Wade left him for good. In her application for a restraining order that was approved by a Santa Clara County family court judge in August, Wade says Stubblefield would call 50 times a day or more, sometimes leaving long, rambling messages.

“He was running me off the road, it was almost like a horror movie,” she said. Wade left her work as a personal trainer at about 11 p.m. one night last year, and Stubblefield was waiting for her. “I was on my bicycle and I told him to leave, leave me alone, and he was really irate, he wasn’t leaving, so he followed me home,” she said. She turned down a darkened road trying to escape, but Stubblefield followed in his jacked-up Chevy Suburban.

“And he bumped me off my bike and I went forward and I got cut up and bruises and got back on my bike and continued to go home,” she recalled. When she finally got back to her apartment, Wade says Stubblefield was already there. “And so I got this big rock and threw it at the truck and I ran into my apartment,” she said. “And he just waited out there like a shark in the water.”

“And then there was a big pounding on the door,” said Melanie Wade’s mother, Kellie Wade, who told San Jose police she personally witnessed the threats when Stubblefield came looking for her daughter one night three months ago. “And I told him she wasn’t there, and he said he has someone that’s going to go after Melanie and for Melanie to watch her back.”

“All of my accounts, every single one, he went online and he logged in like it’s me and he created passwords,” she said. “So I couldn’t even get into my accounts online.” “If you’re changing someone else’s mailing address to come to your house, and they haven’t approved it and that’s not their mailing address, then you’re submitting a false document to postal officials,” said ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson. “It’s potentially a federal crime.”

The I-Team has confirmed that U.S. Postal Service investigators are looking into Wade’s complaint. Wade remains afraid for herself, but also for the students Stubblefield comes in contact with at Valley Christian High School, both male and female. “And I feel like those kids are at risk because they spend so much time with this animal,” she said. “I really feel like he’s an animal. I mean he just, he loses it. He has no sense of right and wrong. He rages, he sees red.”

Asked what she wants now, she said, “Just peace and quiet. I just want to be left alone. I just want this all to be over with.” Wade is getting help from the Crime Victims Program to relocate to a new home where she hopes Stubblefield can’t find her. They are both scheduled to appear in family court next week as Wade tries to extend the restraining order to five years.

OJ has not taught these sellouts anything. SMH


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  • Brandy

    Black athletes are so damn stupid. Do like the Jews and Italians, *uck someone outside your race, but don’t marry her. Marry your own and you won’t have to go through half this crap.

  • Lawd da mercy

    I might have a little OJ-ITIOUS in him.

    Don’t kill the white girl Stubblefield!!!

  • liquidbunny

    why does him “selling out” and her being white have to do with anything. She is a woman being abused. A WOMAN period. Black white whomever doesn’t deserve that.

  • Lawd da mercy

    He Might have a little OJ-ITIOUS in him.

    ((I meant to say))

  • num1dominicano

    damn…she called cuz an animal…that’s messed up…

  • Dajournalist

    LOL @ she felt the authorities were’nt doing enough so she contacted the I TEAM.

    Publicity much? KEep in mind, this is one side of a story that could potentially ruin someone’s life. If his name was Rae Rae and he didn’t have a dime, I doubt I-team would have been her first line of defense.

  • Dajournalist


    It’s more than messed up.. it’s profound.

    Say it with me.. “AN-I-MAL.” How she REALLY feels comes out.

  • DestinysChild

    @ liquidbunny

    I agree. He’s obviously lost his damn mind. If I were her, I would get a gun because he’s a stalker and is going to come after her again. And sweetie, no more riding a bicycle home at 11PM…that’s just dumb when you have a psychotic person stalking you.

  • shavondenise

    Um… why is someone a sell out because they date outside their race?? That is so ignorant of a web site to say and then if a white web site calls Heidi Klum a sell out for datin Seal we will be outrage!! OMG, and WHY IN THE HELL WILL YOU WANT A DANA STUBBLEFIELD TO DATE US!!! Lmao!! They can have that

  • Miss B

    WOW. This dude is crazy.

    After the McNair case, more and more females are coming out in public with their negative relationships. Fighting back I guess, empowerment.

  • Nique

    I cant help but laugh at this sorry excuse for a women…LMAO!

    1.) Who bikes home at 11pm?
    2.) Who bikes home at 11pm when your man was making
    26 millli??
    3.)Who goes down a dark path ON A BIKE when a
    lunatic is chasing you in a SUV???
    4.)Who goes HOME after being ran over by a SUV, and
    not the authorities????
    5.)If she wants to be “left alone” so bad-why go to
    the media?????

    Ahhhh, so many questions-yet one simple answer:


  • Nique


  • Miss B

    Maybe I worng… but some women like this type of drama and emotional stuff, maybe she did too.

  • Aunt Viv

    I don’t think he’s selling out. They can have his crazy behind. We’ll pass thank you. He sounds nuts.

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    yeah she thought she had it made, got a black man ~~ he makes bank , he dont want a black woman .. wellllll!! Look whatb you got lady~!! serves you right!!

  • It's Me

    i agree wit the writer up top, some women especially her like this kind of attention… Do they have kids? I hope not cause he doesn’t want his kid/s seeing this crap….

  • Who Am I To Judge

    Ex-swirl-fiancee’…. What is that about? What was wrong with just ex fiancee’?

  • Choco

    Damn I just pray to GOD that she remains safe and is unharmed and Stubblefield obviously needs therapy!

  • http://bossip shelia

    yeah she thought she had it made, got a black man ~~ he makes bank , he dont want a black woman .. wellllll!! Look whatb you got lady~!! serves you right!!

    Nov 5, 2009 – 10:47 am


  • always knew



    It’s more than messed up.. it’s profound.

    Say it with me.. “AN-I-MAL.” How she REALLY feels comes out.

  • huh

    Does she really want to call him a G-O-R-I-L-L-A ?

  • She's P****D


  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    yeah see how white women do, she wasnt calling him a gorilla when she went after him or when she decided to hook up with a black man, but oh now the real man came out and he is all kinds of names!1 they will never learn, glad i got a man with some sense.. he wont even blog on these blogsites, when im trying to show him something on here he is out the door to go to the gyn to work out!! Thats a real man!!

  • wifey06

    black men are the dumbest on the totem pole…..

    form the white man to the white chick black men love giving theirmoney back.

    they have no prideintheirrace or heritage and let’s be real they proabably don’t knowit or in this white education system is was not really taught.

    Have some pride inyourslef not to ask tobe degraded. you always a snicker behind your back with them.. Period. They all show their true colors by then edn!!! Dumb!!!!

    White chicks LOVE green money more than they hate black and that is all there is to it!!! not bad to use a man for a year or two because he will mess up. Then BECKy can collect… chaching!!!

    black men are the new cash cow industry for the past decade

  • white male

    Not stubby, why couldn’t it have been someone on the Cowboys?

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