Can The Old Man Do This????

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Barack Obama in Portland, Oregon yesterday. The brotha’s campaign reportedly broke a presidential campaign rally record with over 75,000 supporters. For all these doubters who were not with Bossip last year in believing Obama would do well and likely win the presidency, have your opinions changed?

Far too many times our people put artificial ceilings on what we can or cannot do. Discuss..

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  • Marquis de Sade


  • Marquis de Sade

    Hey Sydney, if you show up. Hi! Luv u Boo!

  • TREE

    OMG, it looks so hot .. It seems that guy is dating online now. I saw his profile on dating site “W e a l t h y lo v I n g . c o m” last week. It is said he is dating young billionaire on that site.

  • DP

    I love it!!

  • California Love

    I am so proud of Oregon for supporting Barack. Cant wait to know the results from Tuesdays election. I had mixed feelings about Oregon on who they will support. We will surely see what happens!!!

  • Jamdown

    WOW, I never thought that he would even be in contention for the presidency but I was wrong. Way to go Barack


    Barack is the Future!

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton

    You people do realize that these people are a part of my constituency and i sent them there to give Obama a false sense of hope. Trust me, come Tuesday, there will be one collective thunderous cry: “PSYCHE!” when the final ballots are counted, and i’m announced the winner!

  • De

    I love Barack and am hating on Mike Huckabee for the gun remark. Why doesn’t CNN get on him?

  • Kamee'

    yes we can…….&…….YES WE WILL!

  • dc

    This campaign has made me very grateful for a few things:

    To George Bush for screwing this country up so badly that Americans of all colors have finally united for the greater good.

    The internet and various news shows that have exposed the hypocrisy and fallacy of many of Obama’s detractors(see John McCain and Hamas/ Hillary Clinton and gas breaks)

    The election for showing me the true nature of Clintons. I was so blind

    The entire Obama campaign, for all those who believed long before me that America could elect a black man.

    Finally, to my people who have for the first time in a long time refused to let history and BS stand in the way. African AMericans stood up and reminded the Democratic party that we can and do matter in elections. This race started with the courting of the latino vote but it ended with North Carolina standing the _________Up.

  • Kamee'


    I’m from Arkansas, and went to high school with his daughter. I’m not a fan of Mike Huckabee, but trust me when I say thats not his character. I think he tried to pose a joke that went flat. He’s a minister, and wouldn’t DARE speak death upon anyone. I think the media tired to put their own spin on that comment. But no one’s covering it, cause he wont hold weight when analyzed, due to his character. He’s not the type to play that way.

  • JTB

    That Hilary imposter comment above was weird …among other things. Moreover, Obama 08!!!

  • Doagae

    This is beautiful……

  • Suge

    WOW! Ilove it! I would like to order a White House on the rocks, please. Send it to that stable to Mr. Obama.

  • Roc Girl

    Love’s It!!! Barack Obama is a true ROCK STAR!!!!

    Barack the Vote!!!!!

  • Kia

    a.b. in dc your post brings tears of power and joy to my eyes. I too have my first reason to be consiously proud to be an american.

  • pokki

    i believed in him from day one.

    i love you barack

  • The_Truth

    WOW. . .no way he can lose.

  • Suge

    Excuse me- I meant to say – I would like to order a White House on the rocks, please. Send it to the TABLE to Mr Obama. Thanks for accepting my apologies.

  • Ro

    I hope Oregon have their poll places organized with supplies and necessities for a smooth voting experience.

  • lovely and amazing

    For our elders who are not with us to see this…

    Yes We Can!

  • whatever

    where’s pastor manning’s latest video? he says obama and rev. wright were lovers! speaking of tranny, michelle obama looks like buck wheat in drag!

    obama sucks! literally!

  • Here'smyF*#&ing2cents

    I saw the Huckabee comment made about a someone shooting at Senator Obama. Why hasn’t the media jumped all over that statement???

    OBAMA 08!!!!

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