Rihanna Exclusive Interview with GMA… “Don’t React Off of Love, F*ck Love!!!”: Still in a Dark Place or Is She Just Shedding Some Light???

- By Bossip Staff

What better time for Rihanna to finally start speaking about the incident between her and Breezy, then right when her album is about to drop. This girl has been in a really dark place and it’s finally time for her to shed some light on the situation…

Flip the Lid for Color

She still has a lot of pain inside, that she needs to get out. The full interview airs on Friday, so we will definitely be tuned in for that.

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  • Nique

  • Goddess☀iLy

    good..im tired of listening to Chris sorry self

  • Man, I just don't care™

    This abusive azz woman here…

  • jk

    I am glad that he decided to speak out, like she said her decisions whether she likes it or not does affect young girls who maybe in the same situation and look up to her.

  • anumi

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  • CanadianChick

    TEAM RIRI!!!

  • jk

    I am glad that she decided to speak out, like she said her decisions whether she likes it or not does affect young girls who maybe in the same situation and look up to her.

  • Nique

    I suggest that Chris beat the crap back IN her bc she wasnt acting like Manson until he IKE’D her.

  • http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/kanye-west-entourage-fashion-week-paris.jpg Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    It’s not looking good for you Christopher Maurice Brown… SMH

  • The Bear...YES I'm BACK

    Sad that she’s only being vocal about the incident now that she wants publicity for her CD. That kinda takes away from her credibility as an advocate.

  • Greg

    I think it safe for Chris’s team too throw her under the bus know..she out for self…I say tell er’thing kid…

  • Woah!

    Stay strong girl…

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP! (2009 World Series Champions)

    Let’s Go Yankees!!!!

  • blackbeltshopper

    So she confirmed that she took him back for a minute..I’ll just chalk it up to her age when she said f_ love…she was in a strong like for dude because Love dont hurt nor disappoint.and I’m glad she left Chris. I dont hate him but they dont need to be together.

  • shavondenise

    Damn Chris!! 8 or 9 times??? I just hope that she isnt on any of that Robin Givens stuff when back in the day Robin put on a show for Barbara Walters at the expense of Mike Tyson. I mean he says that he just snapped & he never hit her before and she says that he has ???? I dont kno who to believe and no one will ever know the truth all we have is the pics & obviously he was WRONG!!! I will still support Chris because he is young and I dont believe in crucifying people being that the Polanski’s, the Woody Allens, and the R. Kelly’s are walking around her as rapist!! He made a horrible mistake but if it happens again than I will reconsider NOT supporting him. And of course I will always support Rihnanna because this took alot of courage & she is one of the flyist chicks in the game!!

  • http://Bossip.com jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Be strong Rihanna! Your fans love you…
    …and success is the greatest revenge…so keep working hard.

  • JN

    It doesn’t matter when Rhianna decided to speak out. This happened to HER. This is HER truth. She can speak out whenever she feels it is time.

  • NY said...

    Please just go home! stop trying to depress everybody else in the world. We need all the cheering up we can get around here , her dark place- take it to the island or better yet jump off the boat oat oat on the way. Stop using Chris for the other dark forces you calling upon yourself. It is too obvious more is going on than a *ss kicking when you ready to tell the truth, which you never will, holla back to America until then take your 3 hit wonder *ss and GTFOH

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP! (2009 World Series Champions)

    Funny how she breaks her silence for the promotion of her new record, lol… Hollywood kills me!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP! (2009 World Series Champions)

    And her new haircut is worst than her last one.

  • Renee

    I’m so glad she is speaking out on this secret shame some women are going thru. I’m so disgusted by all these women who are “fans” of Chris Brown saying that she brought it on herself. I’ve always been a fan of Chris Brown’s music and probably will continue to be, but wrong is wrong and he needed to be prosecuted for his actions. I’m proud of Rihanna for not being ashamed and speaking out. This is happening to quite a few girls and women and if her interview helps even one person,(man or woman) I’m glad. There is a secret shame associated with domestic abuse and it needs to be exposed. Keep being a fan of Chris Brown, nothing is wrong with that, but acknowledge what he did was wrong and please stop keeping the shameful secret of domestic violence shameful by shaming the victim. When I hear women blame the victim I recognize that in many cases the woman(who blames the victim) suffers from some form of low self esteem and/or self hate issues. A woman would have to, to go against another battered woman that way. I’ve noticed that with a lot of womens comments on this story.

  • Woah!

    DAMN STFU! at least she is speaking on it! It takes time to heal, self reflection, counseling, courage, everything….

    until you have been through something like that don’t you dare try to say web she should have spoke out. Albulm or not, she is still helping people… Girls and boys.. Because boys go through this too.

    So please SHUT UP about how since her albulm is coming out it discredits her speaking out! WRONG… Because she is using the platform she has been giving to do some good…

    If she would have spoke out before when she was going back and forth with chris… Now that would have discredit her interview…

    So STFU and stop judging and see the good that might home out of this interview.. Because You nor I really know what happened that night.

    But we do know somebody is being helped by this interview…


  • BLUE



  • cirea

    This partial interview was very, very
    sad. If a relationship ends in physical violence its time to step out, definitely. Unfortunately, celebs become role models whether they want to or not. Stop the VIOLENCE!!

  • tmj

    I agreed with everything Rihanna said about domestic violence and she was right about looking at from a 3rd person perspective. GOOD JOB!

    I feel sorry that she had to endure what she did and I’m saddened that Chris did not know how to properly handle his emotions. This sh*t is BAAAADDDDD! I have a feeling it’s going to get worse.

    NOTICE: Put your children in therapy if they have seen anything traumatic in your household…parental drug abuse, domestic violence, etc.! Leaving the situation doesn’t stop the memories.
    My advice to Chris…pray!

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